Jura Coffee Machines

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Jura Impressa Z line
Latest review: Had to send it back for repair during warranty. Now I am having to send it back a second time at a cost of $345. Two months out of warranty. This should not happen with a machine that is this

Jura J Line
Latest review: Great product, all in one machine. Easy to use, start up is quick, love that it grinds beans, very easy to clean. Small enough to comfortably sit on the kitchen bench. Easy to preset own

Jura E8
Latest review: This coffee machine is so smart, it makes a hot coffee, perfect lattes, perfect function for frothing milk. We love our jura and would definitely purchase again in the future, they are reknowned for

Jura F Line
Latest review: Have it for 4 years coffee is good and it works like “Swiss Watch” Coffee is hot and testy, we do min 6 caps every day. Cleaning tablets buy one buy. I am using filtered water so filter in machine l

Jura ENA Micro 90
Latest review: My old coffee machine was manual and after 2 years I got tired for always cleaning after every coffee I make. This jura machine makes cappuccinos in one touch. Cleaning is done at the end of the

Jura E6
Latest review: We purchased a Jura E6 today and we cannot get past "Switch open", "Filter is being rinsed", "Switch close". When you pay this amount of money for a new product, you expect it to work day 1 out of

Jura Impressa A Line
Latest review: We purchased a Jura A9 a little over 12 months ago and recently found out we had issues with cockroaches in the machine. We get regular pest inspections and spray once a year. After a quick chat with

Jura Giga 5