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Beko BKK2113
Latest review: Coffee takes only 30 seconds to make and tastes as good as, if not better than, Turkish coffee made in the pot. I love the ease of use and cleaning of the machine, it makes having people over so

Breville Vertuo Plus BNV420
Latest review: This machine is wonderful! It is easy to use, easy to clean and makes great-tasting coffee. It doesn't come with a milk frother but we warm up milk in a mug before we make a cup. The flavours of

Braun KF-570
Latest review: We like drip coffee and have tried Breville and Sunbeam that are often found in the shops. They have not pleased us. The German company Braun has a line of coffee makers and we have the KF-570. It

La San Marco 85 Flexa E 1
Latest review: Cancel Christmas! If you would like to enjoy coffee better than a Barista made coffee, I strongly suggest you track down your local importer of La San Marco coffee machines! This particular

Isomac Tea Due
Latest review: This is a traditional manual Italian machine with the full sized head found on commercial machines. It is not automatic, and some time is required to master the techniques required to make good

La Pavoni Romantica
Latest review: This machine is absolutely stunning to look at but more importantly if treated with the love and respect like any good Italian Machine should ( including their cars !) this machine makes the best

Bezzera Mitica TOP
Latest review: After much research, I purchased a Bezzera Mitica (Vibration pump) and wish I would have done so years ago. Built like a tank, but a very shiny one .. I love the joystick/taps for the steam and hot

SAB Alice
Latest review: 18 months ago decided to take the leap from "Department store" type coffee machines that had served us well for many years, to an Italian type machine. Big decision due to price and after research

Iberital IB7
Latest review: I had a rocket Evoluzione before, I loved it , but this machine is so much better, double the boiler capacity, so quick to do the milk, still not used to it , am not using it as much as I would like,

Melitta Caffeo CI
Latest review: We have had numerous fully auto coffee machines over the years. But the Melitta has been the best thus far! The milk frother is very easy to fill and clean, typically a problem with other

Gaggia Brera
Latest review: I've had this coffee machine for around 2 years. I wanted a coffee machine that would make great espresso and be easy to use. I have used it to make cappuccino for family and friends and they love to

Lelit Mara PL62T
Latest review: When we begun our search for a espresso machine this was not on our radar but we are so glad we’ve found it. It is a heat exchange machine which means there is no time wasted when going from e

Revolution Coffee Machine Automatic
Latest review: We use this machines heavily - literally I think we made 7000 cups last year and it worked a dream, you do need regular services to ensure it stays in good working order but the coffee and other

Vibiemme Lollo
Latest review: Purchased a 3 group lollo for my espresso bar, it came recommended by my roaster. Had the machine for 8 months so far and i am gob smacked by how ridiculously good it is. Great design, excellent high

ECM Synchronika
Latest review: Made the best super thick Crema coffee with a bottomless Portafilter with this machine and it was heaven! But make sure you have FRESH Beans and a good grinder! as it makes all the difference. If you

Profitec Pro 500
Latest review: After researching a replacement for my rusty but trusty 2009 Rancilio Silvia, I settled on the Profitec Pro 500. What a revelation! Consistent, reliable, top cafe quality coffee, in single or

Breville The Dual Boiler with Smart Grunder Pro BEP920BSS
Latest review: I had and loved my Classic Gaggia for about 10 years, and it had to be retired. I researched for dual boiler machines. Most of them are in the $3k+range. I have used the Giotto rocket. Then I saw

Profitech Pro 700
Latest review: This machine is worth every cent! Easy to use, easy to clean and extremely high quality. Definitely not a toy machine like some other brands. Makes consistently great coffee and never sounds like

Bodum Pebo 1208-01
Latest review: The world over is full of people who complain that their coffee after brewing is just not hot enough. Plungers lose temperature from the moment you start, coffee makers dont start that hot, and

La Pavoni Europiccola
Latest review: Fantastic little home espresso machine! This baby took some time to learn how to literally pull a shot of espresso. First thing I will say is you need a grinder which is up to the task. I chose a

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