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Gloria Jean’s Coffees Caramel Nut

Latest review: This is a delightfully robust coffee with a hint of sweetness. I love it with my pancakes and fruit in the morning as much as I do with a rich chocolate cake after dinner. It would be just as at home

Gloria Jean’s Coffees White Russian

Latest review: First White Russian Coffee, to sooth the stomach then Strawberry's Romanov to please my inner fantasies! An evocative, lovely coffee experience. Please don't ever stop producing this flavoured

Café Aurora Decaffeinated

Latest review: Cafe Aurora Decaffeinated has a really nice taste and great aroma. I do not think anybody would ever taste a difference between standard coffee and this decaffeinated brand. Just

Cafe Britt Costa Rica Espresso

Latest review: I've been waiting so long for this to come to Australia. The international site wouldn't ship here at first. Now they have set up an Australian/NZ store (saw a friend post it on Facebook). Costa

Coffex Famiglia

Latest review: A well rounded blend that reminds me of Blue Mountain Style - Robust Flavour and delicately roasted, without the heavy bitterness of a too darkly roasted bean. Brilliant value, and Australian, is

Bellissimo Coffee Italian Dark Roast

Latest review: Dark Italian Roast? Rich, ever so slightly bitter with chocolately overtones? (I'm not a wine-buff or expert, but believe this is accurate). Go to Brisbane and watch the Master Roaster! He's the

Scarborough Fair Very Dark Roast

Latest review: Although this is not my favourite brand of coffee, its the best one in the supermarkets so we do buy it quite often. Both my husband and I love really strong coffee and actually use this in our

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

Latest review: The price of this coffee could be more for what you are getting. We managed to get this on special at our local supermarket and thought to give it a try. 100% NOT

Illy Ground

Latest review: Just bought a delonghi coffee machine (manual type) and also purchased the E.s.e. pods to go with it... While at Woolies I got a tin of the illy espresso ground coffee and it is so much better. So

Republica Organic Timor

Latest review: Republica is one of THE best coffee brands on the market...an Australian owned and run company which is fair trade, organic and carbon neutral, and the Timor (along with Oxfam World Blend Espresso!)

Scarborough Fair Dark Roast

Latest review: The flavour is strong enough to satisfy he pallet without that bitter after flavour which most strong coffee's can give. This coffee is second to illy. The cost of this coffee makes it quality for

Republica Peru Organic Decaf

Latest review: After trying out the different brand of decaf organic coffees, I concluded that Republica Decaf is the best in the market. You wouldn't know that you drink a decaf coffee as the taste is on par or

Coles Finest Signature Blend

Latest review: I had in the past always used Vittoria mountain grown coffee beans. However one day Coles had run out and rather than buying another expensive brand I decided to just get a 1 kilo of the Coles brand

Coles Finest Ethiopian Blend

Latest review: I've been using this capsule on my Nespresso machine for about 10 months. I noticed that my capsule bin and tray keeps getting filled with water. Sometimes when extracting coffee from the capsule,

Melitta Filter Coffee Decaf Classic

Latest review: I have recently bought some from E bay, It was great to having this coffee for my breakfast. I also trying Boundi, it also great

Harris Signature Blend

Latest review: Bought $35 worth of beans from the local "gourmet" roaster. Too bitter. Went back to my old reliable Signature Blend which is so much better. No more watery looking stream of "espresso", but a

Lavazza Crema e Gusto

Latest review: We LOVE Crema e Gusto and our friends always comment on how good our coffee is when they visit. We do find it hard to find around Wollongong though and lately can only find the Classico variety which

Illy Whole Beans

Latest review: I'm using this at the moment. It's not the best coffee I've ever tried, but it's far from the worst. I think the word "smooth" does it justice. If you don't like really strong coffee, this is good

Jasper Coffee East Timor Maubisse Organic

Latest review: I have had to switch to decaf & it's difficult to find a good one. Jasper's Honduras is my absolute favourite for it's smooth velvet taste, but is cafeinated. East Timor Maubisse doesn't have the

Vittoria Family Cup

Latest review: This is currently my favorite ground coffee so far that's sold at the Supermarket. It's bitter but in a nice way and the coffee always smells fresh! Slightly more expensive than Harris but it's

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