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Bosisto's Natural Cough Syrup

Latest review: This 200ml 'natural' cough syrup seems to be good quality. It took a while to work but after two or three doses, my throat felt less inflamed and my coughing ceased. Always hard to know if

Robitussin Chesty Cough Forte

Latest review: I started off with a dry cough and started taking this. Works well on dry cough then next morning I was able to expel phlegm even though I didn't feel as though I had a phlegm cough. This product

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil

Latest review: I dropped a bottle of gold artist's ink on my two tone grey carpet. I used Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil and very strong paper towel (lots of it) and removed the whole stain. It took me an hour, but no

Codral Original Cold & Flu MAX

Latest review: This isn't a miracle cure for cold symptoms but it definitely dull s the severity. The thing I liked about it was its ability to better clear the mind so I didn't physically feel so much pressure

Nature's Own Garlic + C, Horseradish, Fenugreek & Marshmallow

Latest review: I bought one of these packs from the guardian chemist in stockland corrimal back in 2001 after the lady there recommended them and found them great though that was after the doctor said my flu had

EASEaCOLD Cold & Congestion Day & Night

Latest review: I have a pack of these inside though I have not completed having them though they work alright the capsules I have already had so I would recommend them if someone has the mild to.medium case of the

Robitussin Cough & Chest Congestion

Latest review: Really good product .. strongly recommend for dry chesty cough. You will definitely have a good night of sleep. Doesn’t cost too much and can be bought at most grocery s

Nyal Allergy & Hayfever Relief

Latest review: Your review is spot on. This is best product in the world for hay fever. honestly, everybody should bite the bullet and try them... For 2 reasons. 1. As mentioned before.. They Do. WORK and 2.

Codral Cold & Flu Original

Latest review: I tried it couple of times never worked on me, even it seems likes it become worst. It won't let me sleep. This is one of those worst night that I took this medication and it didn't worked, and it's

Oriental Botanicals Bronchelix

Latest review: Having extreme problems coughing up related phlegm I found immediate relief with only one dose not three a day. Sleep through, talk clearer and longer without difficulty in breathing.. Life has

Robitussin Dry Cough Forte

Latest review: Both my daughter and I had a coughing spell that lasted a week. Neither of us experianced any comfort taking this. It did absolutely nothing except leave a really bad taste in your mouth. After

Panadol Cold & Flu MAX + Decongestant Hot Lemon Powder Sachets

Latest review: I thought I was doing the right thing taking this every four to six hours as per directions. Wondered why I couldn't sleep and fever was rising to 38.7. Then realised it has that pseudo stuff in it

Fusion Health Cold & Flu

Latest review: Used to buy it but with formulae change the product is not for me.why do companies have to alter formulae when you think you are buying the same next time you feel

EASEaCOLD Kids Cold & Flu Relief

Latest review: Bought for my 6 yr old. 4 days and 4 doses later NOTHING. Has not relieved any of her symptoms that this medicine supposedly relieves. Also price is outrages for a product that doesnt

Lemsip Cold & Flu Original

Latest review: The fourth time I drank a sachet I unintentionally made this weird throat sound and my gag reflex was activated. I could no longer drink

Bisolvon Chesty Forte

Latest review: After 3 bouts of chronic coughing lasting 2 months or more I was diagnosed with a bronchial condition that meant my cilia were not sweeping away my mucus allowing bacteria to breed and bronchitis to

Panadol Flu Strength PE Day & Night Caplets

Latest review: This actually worked for me really well and I'm so happy that my boyfriend picked up this one at the chemist warehouse. I started taking it on the day I was developing the flu and could feel the

Demazin Cold & Flu Tablets

Latest review: Very slow to take effect and although this is my first day/evening using it the effect is not as good as another one I have used in the past. I will see how it goes over the next couple of days and

EASEaCOLD Cough, Cold & Flu

Latest review: Helped get over head cold in 2 days. Was sceptical but for me on two occasions it has worked. My wife is trying them today - but obviously if you get a chest infection a doctor needs to be

Nyal Cough, Cold & Flu Day & Night

Latest review: Extremely misleading. Packaging on the front says that it treats the symptoms of colds and flu, but ignoring the fine details on the rear you have no idea that it's little more than a herbal

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