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Coles Dark Chocolate Coated Licorice

Latest review: Most terrible chocolate ever!! I just want to vomit after consuming them, a waste of my money. Unbelievable, how can they possibly sell this

Coles Smart Buy Choc Beanies

Latest review: Gluten Free food is quite expensive These choc beanies are cheap, tasty and in every Coles store. A great find. Gluten Free Not enough facings in the supermarket. Hard to

Coles Peggy Pig & Pals

Latest review: Please bring these lollies back! They are the best, no others compare :( So disappointed I cant find them anywhere, haven't had them in years, when saying your only going to eat one and it turns into

Coles Smart Buy Strawberries 'n Cream

Latest review: My mum, my dog, and I love Coles Strawberries 'n Cream. They taste great, and the price is just perfect. One of life's truly guilty pleasures. Taste, Price Its Addictive! Once you try them you are

Coles Smart Buy Chocolate Bullets

Latest review: these choc coated bullets are great. Soft licorice and delicious chocolate at a great price. I will buy these

Coles Chocolate Coated Almonds

Latest review: Sometimes you come across something which is really good value for money. These used to be wonderful but in the last month, the size has shrunk by about half, they are weird shapes and are not

Coles Extra Strong Mints

Latest review: the mint taste bitter, very tough and dont feel fresh ,not recommended for people who like mint or sweet

Coles Choc Orange Balls

Latest review: This product is not nice. They are yuck compared to Allen's Jaffa's. I think your better off to spend the extra money (couple of dollars) and buy better quality chocolate. I guess I shouldn't of had

Coles Jellies Party Mix

Coles Smart Buy Marshmallows