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Westinghouse WHC742BA

Latest review: I purchased this cooktop to replace an old coil model. The 70cm size fitted the existing cut out. It has four cooking zones, two small,1 medium and 1 large. I am not a fan of touch controls so I

Westinghouse WHC642BA

Latest review: Bought this after using cast iron hotplates for 30 years. Looks very sleek, even with knobs. Even though the knobs are fiddlier to clean than the commoner touch slider controls, these are much

Westinghouse WHG756SA

Latest review: I wanted a spacious cooktop, but the 90cm was too big, the 60cm too small. This 75cm is perfect for my small kitchen, but this size is hard to find. Able to accommodate large pots, good strong heat

Westinghouse WHI954BA

Latest review: Hob has just starting crackling and displaying various numbers keeps coming on and off at set intervals etc how can it be fixed , fairly new house , unable to Finnish

Westinghouse WHG642SA / WHG644SA / WHG646SA

Latest review: Great Cooktop. Very reasonably priced. Easy to use and clean. Just wipe with chux and detergent. The knobs do get a little hot while cooking but can live with that. When simmering, use the smallest

Westinghouse WHI644BA

Latest review: I Have a westinghouse model: WHI644BA. We Have been Using it for 4 months. I noticed a number of cracks in the middle of glass. None which start from the outside edges. Nothings been dropped on it.

Westinghouse WHIC01K

Latest review: Initially has alot of cooking power but gets weaker after only 10 minutes of cooking. There is a fan inside the unit but the ventilation holes are nowhere near the fan so the circuit board cools

Westinghouse WHG956SA

Latest review: Settled on this unit by accident and was very surprised with the sensible design. Basic controls that are as far away from the heat as needed to be. Good anti splash rubber seals under the controls

Westinghouse WHC644BA / WHC744BA / WHC944BA / WHC934BA

Latest review: Moved into a house with this model hob. Worked ok at first, then it just turned off after about 10 minutes and wouldnt turn back on, and just kept displaying an H. Waited about 20 minutes, then it

Westinghouse WHS642SA / WHS642WA

Latest review: This cooktop takes and extremely long time to heat up, then once hot tends to burn. Due to the excessive heat it tends to discolour the stainless steel which is very difficult to remove. The

Westinghouse WHI645BA

Latest review: Bought the same cook top and it has been out of my bench top more than in.At 10 months in, apparently only designed to have 2 elements working on high at once and the others wont work at all as they

Westinghouse WHI324BA

Latest review: You can't fit two pots on the surface at the same time. if the front pot just comes partially over the touch controls the whole thing stops working. Does not cook evenly and now rear element has

Westinghouse PHP285S / PHP285W

Westinghouse WHC644SA

Westinghouse WHG645

Westinghouse WHC942BA

Midea 60G40ME084-GFN

Westinghouse PHP284U

Westinghouse PHM394U

Westinghouse WHI634BA

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