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28 Degrees Mastercard

Latest review: I have had a 28 Degrees Mastercard for about 10 years and have used it when travelling overseas for about 15 or so holidays and have never had an issue, it is a Mastercard and I have never had

GO MasterCard

Latest review: biggest thieves I ever dealt with. Keep charging interest over interest. your balance will never go down. I advice everyone who thinks of dealing with them to CANCEL this idea if you dont want to get

Gem Visa

Latest review: 2nd and last time I've dealt with them. No interest in listening to the customer needs or offering solutions where it is clear they can. Lacking in customer service and a human

Lombard Credit Card

Latest review: Never ever use this company they make arrangements with you and never take notes. They lie to you and set you up for negative outcomes. They are going to stuff up everyone’s credit rating with their i

Coles Low Rate MasterCard

Latest review: The call centre is abysmal. No one seems to understand anything but the most basic query. Replies to questions are seemingly read from a script. I have come to believe that they will say whatever

Resolve Finance

Latest review: Very good team right from the beginning. Seamless process every step of the way. Taylar and his team have kept us posted and the whole process though complicated because of our situation were handled

BankWest Zero MasterCard

Latest review: Excellent for overseas use love the the zero foreign transaction fees and the app. With no branch anywhere near me it is a pain to deal with on the phone as I’d checks have to be done with Aust post

ING Orange One

Latest review: If you are thinking of moving to ING, do not close down your old credit card before getting approval for a new one from ING. My wife & I are in the process of moving from Commbank to ING. Have setup

David Jones Storecard

Latest review: Today, my wife and I shopped at both Myer and DJ’s. Myer has a simple loyalty system. A number that gets you benefits. DJ’s requires you to sign up to an Old World credit card linkage with Amex. No th

American Express Essential

Latest review: The advantage of having an AMEX card finishes on 14-4-19 as some dumbwit has decided they should reduce the rewards program. I have compared by Visa and find from 14 April onwards I get better

Woolworths Everyday Platinum

Latest review: Applied on line which was relatively simple. The following day I was asked to provide evidence of my income which I did by sending PDF documents. Within 5 days my new credit card was approved and

Myer Visa Card

Latest review: Customer Service is non existant sorry for the poor Indian operators they have no support. Everything is to hard very stressful dealing with them. I dont think these Guys will be around much

David Jones American Express

Latest review: I’ve not experienced a worse customer service than from David Jones American Express team. They do not stick to their promises at all. I’ve been eligible for a $250 David Jones gift voucher which nev

Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard

Latest review: Excellent customer service. Operators really listen and go above and beyond with assistance and problem resolution. A card has been blocked and a message sent when it was suspect transactions.

Qantas American Express Ultimate

Latest review: My partner and I both had AMEX card for about 2 years. They were great initially, but it was getting way too expensive and not competitive enough when compared to some of the other rewards card out

ANZ Rewards

Latest review: Recently made a claim for travel insurance received on my rewards black card. The best turnaround time I have ever received. Under 2 hours total turn around time to accept and pay the claim. Thank

Citibank Platinum

Latest review: Most things about this card is very good, having personally used it for well over 20 years. It morphed (without me asking nor applying for), from a regular credit card with "bonus rewards" and ended

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

Latest review: Note: I will be switching to a different card very soon. The ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum started off with 2 cards a Visa and Amex (pictured above) with the Visa getting 1 point per $ spent and Amex

Virgin Money No Annual Fee Visa

Latest review: Applied for Virgin Money credit card twice over the years, most recent last week and was rejected both times. Apparently impeccable reddit rating and working full time for the government for ten

Westpac Altitude Black

Latest review: Terrible service by Westpac, better deal with another bank, I wouldn’t bother. I am also closing all my business with Westpac after this experience, that’s how bad it was

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