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Luxury Escapes

Latest review: We have just booked our 11th Luxury Escape and have dealt with different operators over this time and have found that all staff are very professional and willing to go the extra mile. Our Escapes


Latest review: I called a few pest control companies that I found from google, very rude and total waste of time. My friend recommended bugsbusters.com.au to me. I made the online booking from their website from my


Latest review: Quick responded and really helpful. They made it really easy and it was resolved immediately. They offered very good options to us . Amazing Customer Service Team! Thanks Lorain and Daniel!


Latest review: I went on here looking for one item and ending up buying a few things as it was really easy to navigate my way around the site and the prices were


Latest review: I shop for just about everything on Deals. Awesome service, always very prompt and correct every time. Bedding, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, just everything you'd expect to see and more on

My Layby

Latest review: Bought some Panasonic tools and paid them off only to be advised today that the supplier does not make that model anymore. Not even offered a similar product! have been offered a refund but really


Latest review: Put a deal up got 5 negative comments of scam in tge first 30 seconds Got abused by the same crew as mentioned in other people's comments Those people shoulbe banned Hitler and his


Latest review: Restaurant claims that Groupon issued the voucher by mistake. Groupon must be aware because all of the dates in their booking app are greyed out. Given that fact you would think they would

The Meat Society

Latest review: I’ve placed two reasonably large orders with the Meat Society so far. Plus points: delivered on time. Meat quality: OK but not as good as they advertise. The issue arose when, in the second order, t

Connoisseur Club

Latest review: I was forced into meeting with one of the sales reps and after seeing the 'bottom line' cost there was no way I could physically afford it as I work part time and currently studying at University.


Latest review: Bought a tablet cushion. When it eventually came..3 weeks later, the tablet cushion base padding was very thin and made of very light material. The slits or pockets were not wide enough to slide


Latest review: Truck very clean and tidy. The staff at Rockingham business like. But here is the rub. Very slow in getting your 5 hundred dollars back. Hired the truck on a Tuesday and assured money would be


Latest review: I purchased several times and never received the cashback. not sure if this thing works at all or what is going on. i'll try some of the other cashback sites and see if they work. If it worked it


Latest review: The phone that i purchased has had continual problems but every email i sent was never answered. Now i have a faulty phone that doesn't work with no response from the supplier!!! Very poor response


Latest review: I purchased a car wash service through them. When i came to use the car wash people could not do the work for many weeks. I did not buy this to wait nearly a month to use. When i tried to contact


Latest review: Such a disappointment! I ordered personalise items and can not personalise them! No contact email available to get my money back. Will never shop with them


Latest review: This matter has been going on for 6 months, bought a 7 tier cake stand, which was faulty and cup cakes fell as the stand was unsteady and moved from side to side, what a terrible experience at


Latest review: I ordered a set of JayBird Bluebud X2 headphones. Upon arrival, I found the goods to be faulty. I could only get 20 minutes play time from them. So I checked their website for a return address for


Latest review: Bought an iPad sent me an old model couldn't reason with them Also bought clothing they sent the wrong size and they wouldn't accept a


Latest review: Far out all I did was fill in a survey online and now I get 15 emails a day from this company. I have followed the prompt at the bottom of the emails to unsubscribe about 10 times and emailed the

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