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Debt Negotiators

Latest review: The staff at Debt Negotiators were ever so helpful in all my needs even when having to add an extra loan onto the already existing one. This also happened smoothly. I would highly recommend the staff

Debt Cutter

Latest review: Okay, I'll jump straight onto the caveats here. Debt Cutter offer the service of negotiating, implementing and supporting you through a Part IX Debt Agreement. A Part IX debt agreement is not

Clear Credit Solutions

Latest review: A few weeks ago I engaged Clear Credit Solutions and I was given my case managed Dan. I had 3 defaults on my account and within the three week period all of the defaults were removed. As you can

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: So back in Nov 2018 I called Credit Repair Australia and asked them if they could help me fix my credit score. They said sure we can and they sent me my Veda credit score which didn't look good. Pay

Think Money

Latest review: Hah! It's funny to see you offering to help here CC. Now that the "cat's out of the bag", methinks you're simply trying to salvage what you can for your scam company. What was your offer of help

EC Credit Control

Latest review: We signed up for a subscription. One of our customers defaulted on their payments. We had all the paperwork and a chain of emails. EC Credit control, tried to recover the funds. In the end they gave

Credit Corp Group

Latest review: Hate talking to these guys.. rude and won’t cooperate even when you say you’re in financial hardship. Instead you are just threatened with legal action non stop. Learn a bit of com

MyBudget Debt Consolidation

Latest review: MyBudget are amazing. The staff are so helpful and very supportive under any circumstance. I can't wait to see my end goal. I cannot recommend them enough. AMAZING absolutely


Latest review: The guys at Reduce My Loan were amazingly easy to work with. They helped me refinance my home loan and I saved nearly $6k in annual mortgage interest and I managed to stay with my existing bank. I

Fox Symes Debt Consolidation

Latest review: Thank you from the bottom of my heart Celia i thought there was no end to my debt but thanks to Fox Symes i can live again. If there is anyone with debt thst is over powering them plesse ring Fox

WhiteStar Group Debt Consolidation

Latest review: We were drowning in debt, from day one the first conservation you can tell they actually wanted to help. You get treated like a person not a number. It was all smooth, and every step you were

Capital Debt Solutions

Latest review: I was extremely sceptical about the whole process. The team were very professional, where never pushy, and genuinely wanted to help. There was never any over promising. From the get go, they were

Credit Fix Australia

Latest review: [name removed] from credit fix Australia has lied to me and stole my money and said that she can clear my defaults after I signed the paperwork she said to give her 2 weeks I called her after 2 weeks

Fix Bad Credit

Latest review: This person was a referral from a mortgage broker who we thought we could trust. How wrong were we!!! He said he would remove the default through his legal team which he had done a deal with. He was

Malouf Group Enterprises

Latest review: LONG STORY SHORT these guys are a total rip off , got me for $1095 ( invoice number 0011697 date 5/8/2014 ) done nothing at all and when I questions it told me sorry the person looking after your

Australian Lending Centre Debt Consolidation
  • Contact Number: 1300 138 188
  • Email Address: info@australianlendingcentre.com.au

Anne Street Partners Debt Consolidation

Settle My Debts