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White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

Latest review: White Glo Whitening Toothpaste is great for a deep clean and surface stain removal. You really do feel like your mouth is getting a whole clean and it really is an invigorating clean. This

Oral-B Essential Floss

Latest review: While flossing thread breaks and unravels making flossing difficult. I Often have to use two lengths of floss during one clean. It makes the whole process of cleaning your teeth take longer than it

Cedel Spearmint

Latest review: Been using Cedel Spearmint for years and wouldn't change. The multi-nationals have closed down their Australian factories and relocated to third world countries to save costs but they are more

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450

Latest review: I was not sure if it was waterproof when I got it but when I bought the product it was advertised as waterproof anyway I did not use it for awhile because of this concern but as of lately I am using

Macleans Sensitive

Latest review: BigW still stocks this toothpaste, though you've got to look hard (and downwards) to find it. When a product hits the bottom shelf, not a good sign for its

Colgate Savacol

Latest review: This is the last time I buy this product it is so hard to remove the lid, I said to myself last time never again, I had to use a drill to put a hole in it and transfer to another bottle. I have been

Dentyl PH Mouthwash

Latest review: It has been the best mouthwash I have ever used! I had complete confidence in fresh breath all day! Unlike all the other brands it didn't feel like my mouth was being set on

Colgate Plax

Latest review: Does not have the sustaining cleaning power of Listerne. Froths up too much so you cannot gargle the solution as per instructions.Even though Plax won't burn your mouth, it can irritate the inside

White Glo Express Whitening System

Latest review: I’m not a dentist so I think you should always check with one before using a product like this. I did, and since I’ve started using it I’ve noticed a significant difference! You aren’t going to end up

Pental AIM Range

Latest review: Been using Aim for years. First Made in Australia. Next Made in New Zealand. Then Made in India. Now Made in China. Lately the formula has changed - from Toothpaste to Toothslush. Taste the

Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

Latest review: Old formula worked. New one with Fluoride in it does not- in fact it has made the sensitivity much worse. Plus it takes some skin off the inside of my mouth and

Oral-B Genius 8000

Latest review: This toothbrush cleans better than manual toothbrush but it is not much better than other lower ends electronic toothbrush I had. It looks classy and there are plenty of free stuff that comes with

Colgate Total Dental Floss

Latest review: Strands come off and it often snaps after one go. I suspected it was a cheap 'Made in China' product but it's actually Malaysian made. To be frank it's just rubbish. Dressmakers thread would be more

Colgate Kids Powered

Latest review: Purchased this for my 1 year old and she loves it. She hated brushed her teeth before. This was on sale for only $4 from Woolworths and totally worth the

Kogan Soniclean Pro

Latest review: First electric toothbrush I've ever had so I guess it does what it should. Timer is useful. I don't use the massage and polish settings...don't see the point. Toothbrush heads are a bit difficult to

Colgate Optic White

Latest review: Thought I would give this product a try to whiten the teeth either side of my front teeth that had veneers fitted a few years ago due to an impact injury. After using this toothpaste for just a

Listerine PocketPaks

Latest review: Great little packs that don't take up alot of room. I have had some trouble with the mint as it's very strong and tends to burn my mouth. Other flavours i have tried have been fine. They are a little

Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse

Latest review: Is a shame they no longer make this product so have purchased listerine + whitening instead not fond of aftertaste though. Not sure yet if I will purchase again.

Pearly Whites

Latest review: I bought the whiting system paid express postage and didn't receive product. Phone number always switched off. They finally responded to my email saying they have been very busy and will send it

Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

Latest review: I have been using Carbon Coco's Activated Charcoal for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed my teeth getting whiter. I drink way too much coffee and I no longer have those stains. Looking forward

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