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Kogan Soniclean Pro

Latest review: First electric toothbrush I've ever had so I guess it does what it should. Timer is useful. I don't use the massage and polish settings...don't see the point. Toothbrush heads are a bit difficult to

Listerine PocketPaks

Latest review: Great little packs that don't take up alot of room. I have had some trouble with the mint as it's very strong and tends to burn my mouth. Other flavours i have tried have been fine. They are a little

Oral-B Pro Triumph 5000

Latest review: Really this is great, it is easy, i t regulates the time I spend brushing my teeth and cuts out the guesswork. It makes me more likely to brush my teeth because it is so easy. I have got rid of my

Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse

Latest review: Is a shame they no longer make this product so have purchased listerine + whitening instead not fond of aftertaste though. Not sure yet if I will purchase again.

Colgate Optic White

Latest review: From one month me and my husband are using this toothpaste...now I reveal that it is making my teeth rough from inner side and sensitive to cold and hot. My gums have become weak. I feel that my

Oral-B Pro Health

Latest review: My husband & I developed multiple ulcers & sores in our mouths for approx 3 mths when we switched from Colgate to Oral B toothpaste. At the time we couldn’t work out why, then the ‘penny dropped’ when

Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

Latest review: I bought the "ultimate carbon kit" about $50 worth, and the first time I used it, it turned my gums grey. My teeth were not whiter, but my gums were grey for a week! It looked terrible! Not to

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Latest review: My husband swears by this product, but my teeth have been aching and hard to bite down on even porridge. It is on both sides and top and bottom teeth. I'm glad it isn't my

Piksters Interdental Brushes

Latest review: I've been using them since suggested by periodontist. I was using other brands before i switched to this brand. The old one I used was too small for me as per instructed by periodontist & he reckon

Macleans Extreme Clean

Latest review: Have been using this product for years and at 80 y.o. I have all my own teeth. Macleans Extreme Clean used twice daily suits me just

Listerine Total Care

Latest review: I have all the similar issues listed here after using Listerine Total Care. This is the second time I have had this happen to me by using Listerine. My mouth is jacked up, swollen gums, cuts in my

Colgate Advanced Whitening

Latest review: I love this product! Will use no other. People are always asking if I have had my teeth whitened... I have not. I only use Colgate Advanced Whitening. I swear to

Biotene Mouthwash

Latest review: Website says it works but I see no difference. Didn't work at all. For 16 dollars a tube may as well just light a match to your money. I certainly would never recommend this product to anyone. False

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

Latest review: Was told I had bad gum disease and needed prompt action. I saw this on the shelves and tried it. Two months later, with improved brushing and flossing, the dentist has told me my gum disease is gone.

Kogan Cordless Water Flosser

Latest review: The water flosser needed charging-so used the charger-the second time i had needed to. Unattended and on charge it suddenly switched on spraying water liberally. It ran for jst over a minute before I

Oral-B Clinical Gum Protection

Latest review: My favourite toothpaste. Tastes great. Has a textures .. my teeth feel really clean after using it .. Received a sample in the letterbox but can’t find in any stores u

Steradent Denture Paste

Latest review: I've tried so many different fixatives for upper denture, and they haven't done anything, except cause discomfort and movement. Steradent gave my mouth a complete surprise, its gentle, it seals and

Kogan 8 Pack Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Latest review: Bought them for my Kogan toothbrush and they fit/work fine! Haven't had any issues with them breaking or stopping working. They are slightly harder than what I'd usually go for but being electric I

Xiaomi Soocare X3

Latest review: This is a very good electric toothbrush, one charge last me ~6 weeks brushing twice a day. It maintains it's power all the way through until you need to re-charge. The only drawback is the Apps

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4500 HX6851/56

Latest review: My teeth felt instantly cleaner. And I felt like they were getting a deep clean. More than what a manual toothbrush can provide. So sleek & stylish too! Great easy to use

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