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Colgate Kids Powered

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersColgate Kids Powered · includes 3 listings

2.9 from 18 reviews

Latest review: I bought 2 for my children and both stopped working within 2-3 weeks. complete waste of money and can not swap the heads. Such a shame. Do not waste of

Colgate Optic White

Toothpastes and Teeth Whitening ProductsColgate Optic White

2.3 from 52 reviews

Latest review: I bought this toothpaste and about half way thru started getting a sore tongue, then I started getting ulcers all along the underneath of my tongue, I have never had ulcers in my mouth before and

White Glo Deep Stain Remover

Toothpastes and Teeth Whitening ProductsWhite Glo Deep Stain Remover

2.9 from 17 reviews

Latest review: Just seemed like any other toothpaste Only used one tube so far How many tubes and over what time span to make a difference I wonder Should I give it longer No side effects,I wonder how it rates

Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

ToothpastesSensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

2.1 from 88 reviews

Latest review: I'm finding my lower gums are so sore and irritated after using some of the Sensodyne range. I noticed it a few weeks ago whilst using the Gum care toothpaste, stopped using it and the pain

Pearly Whites

Teeth Whitening ProductsPearly Whites

2.7 from 17 reviews

Latest review: I have used up all of the product provided, over multiple applications, but my teeth are not visibly whiter. The product did irritate my gums and made my teeth

Listerine Total Care

MouthwashesListerine Total Care

3.1 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Have tried multiple mouth wash products but the purple coloured total by Listerine is the only one I've found to be gentle but still STRONG Highly recommended It doesn't need diluting - like some do

Oral-B Pro Health

ToothpastesOral-B Pro Health · includes 2 listings

1.9 from 134 reviews

Latest review: Was so confused that my gums kept peeling. Thought I was getting sick. Turns out it’s your toothpaste! It’s not normal for anyone mouth to ‘slough’ that much dead skin each time! I don’t trust this

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

ToothpastesColgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

2.0 from 81 reviews

Latest review: Was at my dentist and he said again to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth so I got Colgate. I suddenly was having severe dry mouth at night, all night, every night. So bad that it woke me up at night

Macleans Extreme Clean

ToothpastesMacleans Extreme Clean

2.3 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Have been using this product for years and at 80 y.o. I have all my own teeth. Macleans Extreme Clean used twice daily suits me just

Biotene Mouthwash

MouthwashesBiotene Mouthwash

2.3 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Website says it works but I see no difference. Didn't work at all. For 16 dollars a tube may as well just light a match to your money. I certainly would never recommend this product to anyone. False

Piksters Interdental Brushes

ToothbrushesPiksters Interdental Brushes

2.1 from 26 reviews

Latest review: I recently ran out of the “old “ dental floss sticks, these new ones are inferior in quality size and strength, they don’t do the job of the older version they are not “stronger & stiffer” and I won’t

Colgate Advanced Whitening

ToothpastesColgate Advanced Whitening

1.9 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Started using his a week ago and each day I have had more ulcers and sore throat. Y tongue looks cracked and painful..Didn’t think it was the toothpaste until my doctor looked at it and said it was b

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

ToothpastesSensodyne Repair & Protect

2.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: I used this toothpaste in the past and had no problems. Started using it again recently and the inside of my mouth has become sore and uncomfortable. A different brand of toothpaste that contains

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

ToothpastesOral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

1.7 from 52 reviews

Latest review: Product has different numbers on it. Box has one number and tube has another. It classed as complementary medicine made in Germany. Burnt mouth, tongue, throat, blistered lips and cheeks and

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

MouthwashesSensodyne Rapid Relief

1.8 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Naughty, naughty, GlaxoSmithKline. You've quietly removed* the very effective strontium acetate of the Sensodyne Rapid Relief you initially advertised as being so amazing (remember those ads -- pain

Steradent Denture Paste

ToothpastesSteradent Denture Paste

2.0 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I've tried so many different fixatives for upper denture, and they haven't done anything, except cause discomfort and movement. Steradent gave my mouth a complete surprise, its gentle, it seals and

Forea Issa

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersForea Issa

1.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I bought the Foreo Issa Mini because the Foreo website advertised it as suited for adults who prefer a smaller brush head. I’ve used it for 48 hours, after carefully reviewing the online i

Oral-B Pro Health Advanced

ToothpastesOral-B Pro Health Advanced · includes 2 listings

1.2 from 17 reviews

Latest review: My sister and I developed mouth ulcers and sore mouths from using this product. Once we realised it was the toothpaste our mouths got better once we stopped using

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

ToothbrushesOrabrush Tongue Cleaner

5.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: I've been using the Orabrush for well over 5 years now and I still love it. I use it daily and do not feel that my oral hygene regime is complete until I brush, floss and clean my tongue. My family

Jordan Baby Toothbrush

ToothbrushesJordan Baby Toothbrush

5.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: This toothbrush was a big hit in our house. Our bub loved chewing on the handle and easy for her to hold. Made it very easy to introduce brushing as part of our

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