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Vibrofit Pro

Latest review: IGreat results after using Vibrofit, and has helped with stomach problems and excess weight, no more exercising it does it

Vibrofit One

Latest review: Following from surgery to my knee, I put on weight as I was unable to walk or do other exercise. Since using Vibrofit One, I have lost 41kg! Amazing result. Strength is also returning to the injured

Weight Watchers WW125A

Latest review: Inconsistent readings that are +/- 2kg at the same time, although it does take 20 attempts to get those readings. I step on the scales and wait... only for the damned things to switch off. These

Weight Watchers WW185A

Latest review: This scale either gives error messages or gives conflicting reading. Never been accurate and every time it gives different readings . Do not waste your money or this product. Crap, Crap,

Weight Watchers WW147A

Latest review: Had for one month used them twice, then they just wouldnt work put a new battery in worked for one more time then just broke again, tried everything even another new battery. Shocking product dont

Vibrofit 3D

Latest review: It's not easy for me to get up at 4.30am, would much rather stay in a warm bed, however I have made a commitment to myself to Improve my Fitness and Lose some weight. This machine is FABULOUS

Weight Watchers WW58A

Latest review: Previously I've used two digital bathroom scales, one of which was from a reputable German manufacturer ($45 half price from GB's about 15 years ago). They both suffered from the same problem. When

Weight Watchers WW60X

Latest review: I visited Good Guys who stock Weight Watchers Weighing scales. The scales vary in prices. But without exaggerating when I tried weighing myself and a friend every scale showed a different weight

Weight Watchers WW21

Latest review: I would not recommend anyone to buy Weight Watchers scales. They are a brand for weight loss not a scale manufacture. Of course the company is going to say they're accurate... How else would they

Weight Watchers WW8988A

Latest review: Warning: Don't use this on carpet. It will lose 30 kgs of correct weight. This scale is annoying to set up. It shuts off within 15 seconds if you don't press a button, but you have to use your

Weight Watchers WW710A

Latest review: I'm 165cm tall and weigh approx. 53kgs...... Well, I'm not sure actually because I stood on these scales 5 times in 2mins yesterday and the range of weight readings it gave me was between 22kg and

Weight Watchers WW8949

Latest review: I bought these scales today at Harris Scarfe. Firstly, there was no battery but luckily I had a spare button battery at home. After several taps & no display appearing I switched the measurement type

Weight Watchers WW105A

Latest review: I bought this yesterday (WW105A). After inputting my details several times, I only got it to read out once. It read my body fat as 26, when the last time I had it read at a dieticians it was 50. I am

Weight Watchers WW800A


Weight Watchers WW130A

Weight Watchers WW43

Weight Watchers WW111A

Weight Watchers WW334A

Weight Watchers WW16A