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Other SupplementsXenical

3.6 from 78 reviews

Latest review: I started taking Xenical 10 days ago and have lost 3.2 kg so far. I had a slight headache for the first 24 hours but have had absolutely no side-effects after that. I have not started exercising

Rapid Loss Shakes

Weight Loss DrinksRapid Loss Shakes · includes 7 listings

3.3 from 242 reviews

Latest review: The shakes are nice, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Latte are the best. The only issue is trying to get the scoop to the bottom half of the tub. The opening is to small. Need a smaller fatter tub


Fat BurnersOxyShred

3.6 from 66 reviews

Latest review: It is sad to see OxyShred’s hardcore version has worse result than the version that’s no hardcore branding. Not just do one get a smaller content of 212g (40 serves) versus 270g (60 serves), it’s resu

Vibrofit One

Vibration MachinesVibrofit One

4.5 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Following from surgery to my knee, I put on weight as I was unable to walk or do other exercise. Since using Vibrofit One, I have lost 41kg! Amazing result. Strength is also returning to the injured

Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

Protein PowdersBulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

4.4 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Absolutely fabulous product. I use this product in my baking. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t use any other brand. The raw whey protein powder, lets me make recipe/items, I haven’t eaten or baked in years

Medical Vita Diet Shakes

Weight Loss DrinksMedical Vita Diet Shakes · includes 6 listings

3.9 from 30 reviews

Latest review: These are the best tasting shakes I've ever tried not sickly sweet like other brands I've tried like optislim I've been on the shakes for 1 week and have lost

Lemon Detox Diet

Weight Loss DrinksLemon Detox Diet · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 73 reviews

Latest review: Bought my 14 day detox pack since Jan 2020 and never got to me till now. Have called so many times and emailed they never get responded..stay away people and do not be

Nutrients Direct Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Protein PowdersNutrients Direct Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

4.6 from 16 reviews

Latest review: I had it independently tested for protein content ( chocolate ). Packet says 74.9g/100g. Test came back at 75.2g/100g. So they are genuine. They are 0.3 grams over according to the

Naturopathica FatBlaster MAX

Fat BurnersNaturopathica FatBlaster MAX

3.1 from 205 reviews

Latest review: I have been taking the tablets 3 times a day, half hour before meals and. I have lost 13 kgs in 9 months. I do very little exercise, I drink at least 3 litres of water daily and I do all this in


Weight Loss DrinksIsagenix

3.1 from 199 reviews

Latest review: It is absolutely terrible. Doesn’t work at all. Waste of money. I was sucked in by all the crap and pushiness of the sales people! Tastes terrible even after 30 days I cannot stand to drink any of i

Vital Protein Pea Protein Isolate

Protein PowdersVital Protein Pea Protein Isolate

3.7 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I am vegan and also exercise every day so adding extra protein in my diet is very crucial. I have tried many different vegan protein brands and I found this product has a very smooth consistency -

Horleys Sculpt Protein

Protein PowdersHorleys Sculpt Protein

4.1 from 20 reviews

Latest review: I’ve used sculpt on and off for 3 years now. My goal in the beginning was to lose weight and in my first week I lost 5kg using it as a meal replacement (2 shakes, 1 meal). My favourite would be v

Hypervibe G10 Mini

Vibration MachinesHypervibe G10 Mini

4.6 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Compact machine. Upgrade from my older one which was purchased elsewhere. Luv that it has Bluetooth connectivity & app also for use. Love it so much really can’t say enough about i

Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

Other SupplementsSwitch Nutrition Keto Switch

3.9 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Been taking for 3 weeks and it definitely suppresses the appetite, probably because it is so sickly sweet that one feels nauseous after drinking. Question: Why make so sweet? absolutely not

Nature's Way Instant Natural Protein Powder

Protein PowdersNature's Way Instant Natural Protein Powder

3.3 from 50 reviews

Latest review: Caused a huge amount of bloating within 30 mins of drinking. The price point is a lot cheaper than most, so wanted to give it a try. Tastes really good

Herbalife Ultimate Programme

Weight Loss DrinksHerbalife Ultimate Programme

3.1 from 86 reviews

Latest review: I was initially worried about how products would come, but they came perfectly intact and as orginal as can be. So excited to start my health program, ill definetly order

Caruso's Natural Health Testorod

Other SupplementsCaruso's Natural Health Testorod

4.7 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I have tried a few natural test boosters which didn't work, and in some cases (Testogen) actually made me feel worse. I saw Testorod on sale for $48 a bottle and thought why not. Started taking 1

Bodytrim System

Weight Loss DrinksBodytrim System · includes 4 listings

2.9 from 295 reviews

Latest review: I can’t stomach food solids in the morning so I have it as a hot brekky drink but prefer to use 1 and 1/2 scoops. Try it. I love i

Concept2 Model D

Rowing MachinesConcept2 Model D

4.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the rower direct from the Concept2 Australian distributers website. Paying via credit card was an unexpected hassle. They “randomly “ selected me to confirm my details by crediting a cou

Nature's Way SlimRight VLCD Shakes

Weight Loss DrinksNature's Way SlimRight VLCD Shakes · includes 3 listings

3.7 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Bought Strawberry & Vanilla shakes from Coles Maryborough QLD & enjoy both. Actually prefer this strawberry to my Optifast shake. Haven't weighed myself as only been using for lunch under 2 weeks but

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