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Asko D5436

Latest review: Our last three dishwashers were all the same brand, but this time we switched to ASKO. It was highly recommended by my Mum and a friend who have each had theirs over 15 year. I was looking for

Asko D5456SS / D5456WH

Latest review: This dishwasher did not work properly from Day 1. When we set it and went out it was still going 6 hours later when we got home, just kept resetting, cycle stopped after a few minutes and it would

Asko D5424

Latest review: Totally frustrated by the operation and Asko service provided . After getting this 4 year old dishwasher serviced ( no real service provider in regional Victoria.) nothing comes out clean. I've tried

Asko D5646SS

Latest review: We bought this when we built a house and ever since we've been happily using. Never have any problems at all to date. Very quiet, does a great job. I found it easier to load the dishes, cups and

Asko D5546FI / D5546XXLFI

Latest review: Bought a new dishwasher and have problems with the control board,because of moisture the panels don't work properly.Very poor. The dishwasher does not even start and it's only 3 years old. Surely

Asko D5546XXLFI

Latest review: If you want a dishwasher that is a quality product, that looks amazing,whisper quiet and cleans dishes 100% of the time, then buy this dishwasher! As soon as you open the door, the light show begins!

Asko D5536FI

Latest review: It does a great job cleaning, but sometimes the soap doesnt dissolve and I need to send it on a double run. I love the integrated element, and its really not noisy which is great in a happening

Asko DBI654IB

Latest review: From purchase to delivery aindinstallationm was less than 36 hours, (whereas to have the old Asko Professional services was more than a week and who know how long to get a quote for the repairs)..So

Asko D5436XLS

Latest review: It so far cleans the dishes well, complicated panel Not as quiet as I expected, online videos I have watched show kickplate is installed with insulation but ours did not come with it The

Asko D5896SSXXL

Latest review: This machine worked well right up until manufacturers warranty expired. Was grateful I had purchased extended warranty, this machine no longer dries dishes, does not break down food and leaks - does

Asko DFI654B

Asko D5896FIXXL