Best Coles Dishwasher Tablets & Cleaners

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Coles Smart Buy Original Dishwashing Machine Powder

Latest review: Do not use this product under any circumstances as it will form brown sludge and block your whole dishwasher. I used it once and had to run 3 cleaners on my dishwasher to remove the brown

Coles Ultra Action Dishwashing Tablets

Latest review: Just as good if not better than top Finish or Fairy tablets at a fraction of the price. Never have any dissolving problems as always put at bottom of cutlery basket. Bought them on recommendation of

Coles Ultra Plus Advanced Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: Most of Coles products I feel are good quality. These Coles dishwasher tablets are very cheap at around 9.50 for two packets(I think and can alter later when I go to the supermarket). Sometimes

Coles Smart Buy Rinse Aid
3.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: I usually buy a more expensive brand but I wanted to try this with it being a cheaper option and you never know some cheaper options actually do the job just as good as known brands however this