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Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel

Latest review: This is an awesome product, that actually cleans the dishes better than any tablet or powder. I was having all sorts of issues with powder and tablets not removing all debris and leaving a horrible

Dishmatic Pro Handle

Latest review: I love this product...I have 3...with both green heads and yellow micro soft heads.... This is the 2nd incarnation....the 3rd Pro handle...I do not like all...handle is too thick...and screw top

EcoStore Auto Dish Powder

Latest review: I generally run my dishwasher on the short cycle and a number of the tablets are not suitable for this. I had been using the Finnish Liquid however was not really happy with the performance or the

Ecostore Auto Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: I bought these recently in a health food shop in Doubleview. They seemed to work better than the ones with caustic as the dishes still had food on them. They only problem is the PRICE . I paid

Breville Kettle Cleaner BKC250

Latest review: Easy to use and works wonders! All the black mineral build up on the bottom of my glass kettle has gone and it looks brand new again! Well worth the

Earth Choice Dishwash Liquid

Latest review: I handwash and have hard water (lots of trace chemicals) that normally reduces the 'normal' amount of bubbles a soap will produce. Earth Choice ends up so bubbly. Too bubbly. I have to rinse so much

Euca Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: I started using this product a week ago and can't believe how good it is. You don't need very much at all. It cleans the dishes so well and they do seem to shine. It is also soft on my hands, I

Earth Choice Dishwashing Concentrate

Latest review: I hate to say it but previous posters defending the company about their smells. Unless It's listed what ingredients they use for their fragrances, why i should I trust them? How do I know the company

Coles Ultra Concentrate

Latest review: A Good quality dish washing detergent. A Good range of scents available that really all smell divine. Cleans hard to clean dishes well and with only a small amount

Tandil (Aldi) Ultra Didshwashing Liquid

Latest review: I've used this product for a while and it doesn't perform as well as other products out there. One needs quite a bit of liquid to get a proper

Coles Ultra Limited Edition Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: It is quite good to clean up the grease from the dishes, price is reasonable. But it will leave fragrance to the dishes even if i rewash it by

Total Fresh 3 in 1 Lemon Dishwasher Deodorant

Latest review: I am looking here in Perth to get total fresh 3in1,but it is impossible.Can you please tell me where in Melbourne,I can get it.Can I order it as well. Love to use it smells fresh,natural and clean

Finish Rinse Aid

Latest review: Excellent Product makes all the glasses shine like a diamond and everything seems to be dry as well unlike other Rinse aid products. I would definitely recommend Finish Rinse aid to others. It has to

Trix Double Action

Latest review: I've used Trix detergent to wash BBQ plates and grill and does fantastic job compared to speciality BBQ cleaners but neither Woolworths or Foodland in Clare SA stock

Coles Green Choice Concentrate

Latest review: I really like using the Green Choice range from Coles. Its very important that the smell factor is very low and this one is perfect for us. It cleans the dishes well and doesnt dry out my hands like

Finish Concentrated Gel

Latest review: I was looking for something that worked better than the tablets in our lousy dishwasher and a friends suggested this gel. While it works well the smell it leaves on the plates, glasses and

Palmolive Ultra Dry Skin with Aloe

Latest review: I like the scent of this. Been using this more than a year now after my friend recommended this to me. Hence - I'm gonna do the same, highly recommended

Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial

Latest review: I have used several different dish detergents and always go back to Palmolive Ultra, (Antibacterial) as it's the only detergent that I feel I can get a decent load of dishes clean with. I like a

Finish Classics

Latest review: Liquid dish wash if most definitely preferable to powder, much better for glassware and cutlery. However, manufacturer has 'cleverly' changed the shape of the container, now giving customers less

Coles Smart Buy Rinse Aid

Latest review: I usually buy a more expensive brand but I wanted to try this with it being a cheaper option and you never know some cheaper options actually do the job just as good as known brands however this

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