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Coles Ultra Super Strength

Latest review: Even used copiously with water from the kettle, this doesn't get all the fat off frying pans. I have to follow it up with a squirt of IGA dishwashing

Finish Dishwasher Freshener

Latest review: No, I am not licking it. The taste has attached to my dishes. One bottle I cleaned twice and could still taste it. I would rather a bad smelling

Woolworths Select Dishwasher Tablets All In 1

Latest review: I was buying Finish tablets for ages and then I realised I could save some money so I tried Aldi's brand and they were fantastic, didn't notice a difference compared to Finish. As I live pretty far

Palmolive Divine Blends

Latest review: Doesn't cut through grease and even after rinsing any plastic wear will get tainted with an after taste on its next use. I had to thrown out and rebuy all our kids plates and

Finish All in One

Latest review: Just finished tearing my dishwasher apart due to the dishes not being at all clean. did not think that a name like finish would be sooooooo bad, rewashed 3 times, cleaned arms, cleaned drains, then

Shine 10 in 1

Latest review: I've been using Shine dishwashing liquid since the beginning of this year. It is a product that is only sold in Woolies, & as I'm a Woolies shopper, I thought I'd try it. It washes my dishes well, &

Palmolive Ultra Strength

Latest review: I usually buy the mild Palmolive Original dishwashing liquid but this was the only one available in my local supermarket today. It works fast and leaves the dishes sparkling but is so strong I had to

Morning Fresh Super Concentrate Powder Lemon

Latest review: very disappointed with this product as it has wreaked my new glasses. My glasses all came out cloudy looking smeary white and i have tried everything to get it off and nothing will bring it

Finish Max in 1

Latest review: I have used this product 6 times now and have had to rewash almost the entire dishwasher load each time. I always remove, by rinsing or scraping, any food from the dishes, rinse glasses etc but

Woolworths Select 5 In 1 Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: The tablets dont desolve even in hot water...waste of money.....dont work.just about the whole tablet is left sitting in the washer..should be giving out refunds.back to finish i guess.cheap for a

Coles Smart Buy Lemon

Latest review: I recently bought coles smart buy Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon), it's just for 1 AUD for a 1L bottle in Coles store. I know it's not that good, but yea it gets your work done. It's not too thick and is

Woolworths Select Lemon Lime Dishwasher Deodoriser

Latest review: I bought this in spite of scrutinising packaging for usage instructions and warnings and finding none. I want to know what chemicals are used, & can't understand how our labeling laws do not demand

Woolworths Select Dishwash Cleaner

Latest review: Put this product through the dishwasher cycle and it doesn’t desolve, waste of water and power. Will return it to the shop tomorrow and buy a more reputable brand. Would not recommend this p

Miele Dishwashing Tabs GS CL 0603 T

Latest review: Bought a Miele dishwasher some months ago and as part of the purchase we were able to extend the warranty and get some Miele tabs at a good price. We love the dishwasher but had always used Finish

Glitz All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: I brought the Glitz all in one dishwasher tablets from Bunnings , these tablets do not dissolve completely , specifically the white portion remain as powdered residue after the wash and might

Ajax Crystal White Octagon

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