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V.I.P. Petfoods Chunkers

Latest review: My 2 dogs love these treats, unfortunately I can’t find a supermarket that stocks them anymore. I need to feed my dogs’ addictions, where in NSW can I get them? They also love the lamb and chicken chu

Pedigree Dental Dog Treats

Latest review: Started giving this product to my dog. And every time he has 1 within a couple of hours he starts to vomit and get diarrhoea. I don’t know how these meet any animal health standards and I don’t und

Lucky Dog Adult

Latest review: I previously wrote a review about Lucky Dog minis being the only dry food my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can eat (and I still stick true to this review) however after feeding both Lucky Dog Adult

Black Hawk Grain Free Formula

Latest review: i noticed after putting our shepherd on black hawke 4 months ago , she is on her second or third bag now she has been doing horrible farts. Now since friday she has started vomiting. And her poos

Optimum for Adult Dogs

Latest review: Started feeding my border collies this food, unfortunately it gave one of my dogs the runs. Cooked up pumpkin & white rice to settle his stomach down. away. I did start my dog on this food again

My Dog Adult Tray Meals

Latest review: We use my dog chicken supreme I don't think the quality is very good but we just add it to a quality dry food because the dogs seem to like the smell, just watch out for the quality control as the

Coles Complete Balance

Latest review: This dog food is loved...but not by my dogs (who leave it). It’s the big black ants who swarm over it who love i

Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breed

Latest review: Rip off, over priced, buy Australian dog food. Optimum or supercoat is much better, you are paying for the name. Ingredients and nutrition are the same, optimum works better with all

Applaws It's All Good Dry Dog Food

Latest review: Following a visit to my local Pet Shop to buy dog food for my baby Schnauzer I was advised to look up the following website www.petfoodreviews.com.au. It certainly opened my eyes to the wide range

Glow Adult Australian Lamb

Latest review: We recently changed to Glow for Royal Canin after my dog was having skin issues. Went to the vet and they suggested we try changing up her diet to work out what the issue might be. We tried a few

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Digestive Low Fat

Latest review: My dog has in the past suffered bouts of pancreatitis even on a restrictive diet. I swapped him over to Royal Canin 6 months ago and super happy to say not one incident of pancreatitis has flared.

Royal Canin Chihuahua 28

Latest review: Bought this online through pet circle and it seems to be a hit with my chihuahua she looks nicely covered not fat or thin has good energy levels and her toileting in not

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Large Breed

Latest review: This brand is amazing!! I was giving my border collie pup and 8 year old Stafford black hawk which was good but then decided to try holistic puppy & adult dry food and it has given them the best and

Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care

Latest review: My two dogs have been on Hills science diet oral care for some time now, have not just seen a difference in t their breath and stool movement but they are more active and their weight is very

Nature's Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs

Latest review: Recently switched to this dry dog food for my retired greyhound, he can't get enough of it. His coat is super shiny and seems to agree very well with his digestive

Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach

Latest review: Ive found with one of my dogs, if you do not feed her a good quality product she ends up with diarreah really badly. Sensitive Stomach is great for settling the stomach and means she produces healthy

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy

Latest review: We have 3 month old Golden Lab boy. Based on recommendations we changed the puppy food to Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy food. He loves it. His coat has got much more sheen than before and his

Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult

Latest review: I always aim to feed my rotty the best food possible. Although he loves fresh meat and dog roll I have always gone with the recomendation of my vet for most meals. Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult

Artemis Fresh Mix Small Breed Puppy

Latest review: Introduced this Artemis fresh mix food to my maltese puppy, after researching super premium foods for the longest time. Love that there is no artificial color, dye or bleach. High quality

Eukanuba Adult Natural Lamb / Rice

Latest review: At just over $100 for 15kg you'd think that it's expensive. But the dog gets just over 1 cup a day and works out to be less than $2 per day to feed your dog a nutritious meal that fills them up with

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