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Ozito 18v Drill & Impact Driver Kit PXDDK-301

Latest review: Bought this a year ago and haven’t had a single issue with it. Both drills still have amazing power and both batterys have good life with a 30 minute time charge with the charger in the box. Bag h

Ozito PXBWS-340

Latest review: I've had a few hits and misses with Ozito stuff over the years...this one is definitely a hit. They have definitely lifted their game with this tool. It doesn't have the same cheap 'n nasty feel that

Ozito PXDDS-201

Latest review: If you are looking for a reliable inexpensive cordless drill for home use I have found the Ozito PXDDS-201 just right for those around the home DIY projects. The drill comes without the battery

Ozito PXRHK-200

Latest review: I have been acquiring a sizable x change collection for about 12 months now. It's has replaced my corded tools that are for occasional use. There are some occasions where we have to anchor items into

Ozito HDR-3000

Latest review: Can't be beat for the price and like the other guy said in the previous review. This tool has built a reputation as being one of the best tools for the price. It should outlive me and will do any

Dewalt D21520-XE Mixer and Rotary

Latest review: I picked this up a few years back and it has mixed up a lot of render, we have put this through hell all the other renderers i know have them and these drills never miss a beat. For the price

Ozito RHD-6100

Latest review: Bought intially for emergency blocked retaining wall to clear water channels. Since then it has broken 3 large concrete post hole holders and 4 days work removing a brick bbq including mortar and

Ozito PXHDK-350

Latest review: I highly recommend this tool for domestic home handyman type work. It is compact, quick to recharge and powerful. I’ve used it to drill into bricks with masonry bits as well as for other work such as

Ozito PXBIS-320

Latest review: Bought this for some DIY at home , v impressed with the power and construction quality. There is a video on youtube where u can see the inside of this and it confirms that its high quality product

Ozito PXBHK-120

Latest review: Bought the above vacuum from Bunnings there are thousands being sold Australia wide and there are no replacement bags. Contacted Ozito Melbourne on the Tuesday the girl promised to send me some

Ozito PXDDS-200

Latest review: Went to Bunnings to get myself a replacement drill after my old makita died on me. It has a solid feel to it and isn't overly heavy which is what I like about it. In terms of usage it does what I

Dewalt DCD985N-XE

Latest review: I bought the 10 piece cordless kit, which came with 3 batteries. Battery life is really poor on all 3 batteries. They are now 12 months old and its getting worse. Drill dies after putting in 10

Ozito PXIDS-300

Latest review: I bought a 3 piece set including this driver, plus the reciprocating saw. The saw is OK. The angle grinder the drill and the driver are a total disappointment. The grinder cuts out the minute it

Dewalt DCF895N-XE

Latest review: Nice little compact impact driver. Lots of good little extra feature such as LED light, belt clip etc. Has plenty of power and good control using the trigger carefully. The battery life is good

Ozito RHD-4100

Latest review: I'd used various makes/types of Rotary Hammer Drills over the years and they are an indispensable tool for heavy work. My last one 'died' about 2 years ago and I bought the Ozito. Though

Ozito PXBHS-100

Latest review: Had mine for about 8 months with regular use, has performed great with no bits falling off. It does get used fairly hard at times and is still going strong Being brushless it has plenty of

Ozito LCD-2050

Latest review: A great little cordless drill. Not too heavy and not too lite. It fits perfectly in your hand and has enough “juice” to do those small jobs around the house as well as most wood projects – from doing

Ozito DDC-280

Latest review: Do not buy, chuck shaft broke of on the first screw i tried to drive, went back to the shop, got a replacement and exact same thing happened again. Been a complete waste of my

Ozito CDL-1810

Latest review: I bought this drill 4 or 5 years ago from Bunnings and I am surprised at how well it drills and screws. I just drilled and screwed 75 mm long screws into pine no problems, I was so impressed that I

Ozito ZLDDK-150

Latest review: Right at the beginning I need to say that I understand that this is an extremely inexpensive tool. Currently (Aug 2018) the regular price at Bunnings for the drill driver, one 1.5mAh battery and the

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