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Dimplex Dream Easy Queen Fitted Electric Blanket DHDEBQ

Latest review: This electric blanket has been wonderful so far. Each side is controlled individually which is perfect as my partner likes his side to be a lot warmer than I do. The lowest setting is suitable for

Sunbeam TR3300 Feel Perfect Throw

Latest review: This little throw has been amazing this cold cold winter in Adelaide. It heats quickly and is just SO comforting when watching TV or enduring sleepless periods during the night. It is, as well,

Breville BHT632DSK
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I purchased two of these on eBay, and they are wonderful. The colour (a fairly dark grey-brown) is great, as it's very contemporary and neutral, which means that I can use the throw both in the

Ramesses Fitted Electric Blanket FKELB13

Latest review: We purchased this recently as we live in a valley in northern NSW, so our house gets quite cold during winter. Since we’ve had it on the bed we found we sleep comfortably throughout the whole night,

Linen House Quilted Double Electric Blanket

Latest review: I really appreciate multi-zone electric blankets as I generally need warmer feet than the top of me. This blanket provides that. Good sized walls. Well quilted. Two zones with 9 settings in each

Dreamaker Waterproof 100% Cotton Cover Queen

Latest review: I've had the queen size on my bed for less than a week and extensively tested for electromagnetic radiation to find that the claim is most certainly true. Radiation levels were absolutely no

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Sunbeam Feel Perfect Luxe TR6300

Latest review: This lap blanket makes Tassie winter almost tolerable. So warm and comfortable. Unfortunate that it constantly sheds fur - the previous plush style was much better quality material. Now it is like

WarmNWinter Heated Throw WFTR-L

Latest review: This is the best - absolutely love it! I use mine on the couch and in bed. It warms up really fast which is lovely. I wouldn't buy a traditional electric blanket again - just these throws. Very

Ramesses KELBW14
4.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: It heats nicely, quickly and has a good countdown timer function to turn off so you don’t wake up later boiling alive in the bed. We find that on our particular mattress (Sleeping duck Mach 2) we c

Jason Wool Electric W17
4.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this electric blanket May 2018 and being in Queensland it was only used for approximately 6 weeks, then put away. So yesterday I went to put it back on my bed, and as expected - electric

Newtton USB Heated Fleece Blanket With Phone Charger Power Bank

Latest review: Because of the low price I bought two, one for my dog and one for attending sporting events. This portable heated throw comes with a power bank which is also handy for other uses such as phone

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece

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4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Purchased this one in desperation as the temperatures plummeted, and my old (non-Sunbeam branded) one no longer worked properly. Availability online was low at the time, limiting my options, but I

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Fitted

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Fitted

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4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Although I intended to buy a cheaper blanket, this seemed a good option and a discount voucher meant I got it for a good price). The features which sold it to me were the fitted style, auto safety

Warm N Winter WFPB-S
4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This electric blanket contains three settings. A single fitted blanket it is quite compassionate when switched on one. Becoming aggressively hot on three, I would not recommend this setting

Bambury Sonar Premium
3.6 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Followed all instructions need to put on highest setting for hours before going to bed still luke warm. Bought on site eBay seller would not answer my request for return faulty item, contacted

Onkaparinga Multi Zone
3.4 from 7 reviews

Latest review: I bought a queen size and it’s way too big for the bed. The skirt part is so flimsy. This means it doesn’t sit flush on the bed. The timer remote is so cheap and plasticy. I do like the multi set

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Cosy Sherpa TR3100

Latest review: I have had problems with these throws which I wrote down clearly on your complaints form which was not responded to within the promised 3-day period. It's 8 days of waiting now. I had an automated

Heller Fitted / Tie Down

Heller Fitted / Tie Down

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3.4 from 7 reviews

Latest review: I had this for 6 years and it was good initially until yesterday morning when it caught fire but luckily we managed to put out the fire in time. I was wondering why the overheat protect function

Sunbeam SleepPerfect Queen Pillowtop BL5551

Latest review: My impression upon first nights use was how pleased I was with the purchase, however now after one week, it has changed from one of ecstasy to agony. It is unreliable, frustrated by the fact on

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Microfleece TR3000B

Latest review: I returned the first one thinkingbit was faulty but this one isn’t very warm! On setting 9 it feels like a setting 1 on setting 5 it just doesn’t feel on. For 150 dollars this just doesn’t seem right

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