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Ozito PXCBLK-018

Latest review: Lightweight, well balanced and easy to use. The long nozzle with the curve towards the outlet lets you "steer" the air so you can get around garden furniture, get into corners, etc. Powerful enough

Ozito BLV-2401

Latest review: Weight is not a problem, I wish it had a special squarish nozzle to increase the suction area and two wheels on each end like a household vacuum cleaner to keep it at a height that stops it from

Ryobi RBV3600/RBV3650

Latest review: The blower vac worked reasonably well from purchase in 2015 until I needed a new battery. A new battery from Bunnings is $299. I can purchase a new kit for $449 from Bunnings. I also purchased a

Ryobi RBV2400ES

Latest review: Had a blower sucker for 20 years, did the job, having this blower is like taking a Elephant gun to hunt Quail, over size, over weight. too noisy and leaves more leafs then it picks

Ozito PXWBS-200

Latest review: I use it with a 3AH battery and its powerful enough for its size/weight. I use it to clean my ute tray and for small gardening jobs. You can use it to blow up inflatable toys/beds. I only wish it

Ryobi RBL42BPN

Latest review: As a handyman/gardener, buying one of these has been a godsend. What used to be hard work has now turned into easily removing leaves and other debris. It comfortable to wear, its robust, its easy to

Ozito BLW-1800

Latest review: Very strong and powerful blower at the cheap price of $59 at Bunnings. It has an air speed of 320kph. Amazing for the price and comes with a three year replacement warranty. What’s not to like ?

Ozito BLV-2402

Latest review: I've had quite a few garden Vac/Mulcher's but none of them have been fit for purpose until this unit. The most expensive was a Flymo and the cheapest (and worst) an Aldi special. This Ozito BLV-2402

Ryobi  R18TB-0

Latest review: I got this after a friend who does housecleaning told me a cordless blower works good for getting dust out of confined areas under furniture. Just blow it to one end of the room and vacuum it

Ryobi RBV2400CSV

Latest review: After buying this product I Was content with it's performance but after having to return this model 3 times back to Bunnings it started becoming a hassle but one I was prepared to put up with,until