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Modern Power Solutions

Modern Power Solutions

4.7 from 42 reviews

Latest review: Ordered & delivered in good time frame directly to my stone benchtop manufacturer. Dealing with company was a great in needing to change colour of top ring had no problems dealing with them.

  • Product Quality
    4.8 (29)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (2) · No (28)
  • Warranty Claim MadeYes (0) · No (30)
Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema · includes 2 listings

4.2 from 72 reviews

Latest review: I was amazed at how fast and efficient their service was. Less than 24 hrs i had my speaker delivered to the door. Product was in mint condition and their customer service was

  • Product Quality
    4.7 (31)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (3) · No (30)
  • Warranty Claim MadeYes (2) · No (28)
Bang Good

    Bang Good

    3.7 from 1,513 reviews

    Latest review: The tablet arrived in just 12 days, very pleased with the quality and performance of the tablet. It was well packaged. Thank

    • Product Quality
      3.7 (724)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (186) · No (597)
    • Warranty Claim MadeYes (166) · No (580)
    TCL Australia

    TCL Australia

    3.7 from 421 reviews

    Latest review: I would like to thank Bernice for her Patience while helping me get our new TCL TV connected, her Product knowledge was fantastic , I only made one phone call and was done. will definitely recommend



    3.9 from 137 reviews

    Latest review: The watch is brand new and the package was packed securely. Compared to other dealers, here you get the best price and they ship it

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    Device Deal

    Device Deal

    4.1 from 68 reviews

    Latest review: Great value product, love the fact you can order an additional camera and add to a pack rather than purchasing two packs.


    CameraPro · includes 2 listings

    4.1 from 76 reviews

    Latest review: I ordered a Sony a7iii and 24-70mm F2.8 GM, but the lens was out of stock. They called to confirm the order was legit (along with having bank security process) and to notify me the lens was on

    Eastwood HIFI

    Eastwood HIFI

    4.9 from 28 reviews

    Latest review: Can’t recommend highly enough. Nick was completely professional, offered us a variety of choices without any pressure to purchase. I’ve been in sales for thirty years and haven’t come across a sales · includes 2 listings

    3.8 from 163 reviews

    Latest review: 1st class on line service. Quick response, nice help! Thank you, Pietro! This is the store I will recommended! Happy



    3.7 from 562 reviews

    Latest review: very dissatisfied absolute rubbish it is nothing that it claims to be and is made to break over the slightest movements it should be taken off the shelves and banned. The watch is a piece of junk and

    3.6 from 16,728 reviews

    Latest review: I put my card details, and purchased a product without knowing that I was going to be charged for a membership.


    CamBuy · includes 2 listings

    4.2 from 52 reviews

    Latest review: I recently visited CamBuy in passing to see if they stocked any film. They said they dont normally stock film but they offered to order some in for me! I asked what they could get and they said they

    Techrific Australia

    Techrific Australia

    3.6 from 1,079 reviews

    Latest review: I purchased 2 phones from these guys. DRAMA'S BOTH TIMES. Will never go there again. The first time they sent the wrong phone, I sent it back within days and it took them 4 months and countless



    4.7 from 29 reviews

    Latest review: Arrived as expected via express paid delivery by courier. Item as described. Packaging appropriate with air bag and bubble wrap in cardboard box. HDD sealed in solid plastic bag. Easy removal and



    4.1 from 57 reviews

    Latest review: I ordered a GoPro housing - was sent the incorrect product. Customer service was poor and they refused to fix the error, asking me to pay to return post the item back to them (which would cost more

    New Case

    New Case

    3.9 from 74 reviews

    Latest review: My iPhone case after the first week - they ask you to write a review on their website so you do and then it’s “assessed” but funnily enough you don’t see it online.

    Skycomp Technology

    Skycomp Technology

    3.9 from 81 reviews

    Latest review: After spending days trying to find a local retailer with high capacity hard drives in stock I came across Skycomp; YES they actually had the stock claimed on the web store, ordered mid-afternoon,

    DD Computer

    DD Computer · includes 2 listings

    4.9 from 22 reviews

    Latest review: I bought my computer in October 2017 and over the thousands of hours I've used it since it runs so well. The pricing was so good in comparison to other sellers and I still cannot believe how well the



    3.6 from 286 reviews

    Latest review: Samsung in UK have confirmed that the phone Tecobuy sold me was purchased on the grey market from a cheaper region (in my case, the Middle East); then rooted with a fake OS so that it would operate


    Megabuy · includes 2 listings

    3.5 from 645 reviews

    Latest review: I bought a printer from Megabuy after comparing prices online and finding them a whole $30 cheaper than Officeworks. I can't comment on item description details as I did my research on other websites

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