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Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Latest review: As usual Bose does it again. Great little blue tooth speaker. Great sound quality. Well made. I’ve always been a big fan of Bose. A couple of improvement suggestions. Could be a little louder and it w

Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting

Latest review: Great Speakers. Bose, never disappoints! I have been a big fan of Bose for many years. I purchased 4 of them for my Band-Room and they are just perfect. Coupled in with the TV and entertainment

Bose Solo 15 Series II

Latest review: I purchased Solo 15 from a Bose store 20 months ago and it has been a nightmare. Basically the speak doesn’t turn on. I need to power cycle the unit by unplugging the cable from power and wait to r

Bose Soundlink Colour

Latest review: Having tried two other portable speakers, unsuccessfully, I didn't hold out for much success with this one, but was pleasantly surprised. The sound quality is great with a responsive volume control

Bose Solo 5

Latest review: Bought the bose solo5 thinking that being a bose product it would sound fantastic. I have a samsung 65 inch qled tv & thought that a soundbar would enhanse the sound but after my purchase I have

Bose Acoustimass 5

Latest review: I have nothing against bose, in fact I currently own 2 pairs of the bose freestyle speaker system as my height effects in my dolby atmos dts-x system. Now I had the bose am5 for a while and I

Bose Soundlink Colour II

Latest review: Its a strugle to connect to my iphone every single time. Poor control settings in general and Not powerful volume either. Just low value for money. Avoid Bad bad bad

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds 788593-0050

Latest review: I bought these sleepbuds 2 weeks ago - 1 day before long haul flight thinking they would improve my sleep on the plane. They didn’t work at all on the flight & I wasn’t able to troubleshoot the pro

Bose Soundbar 700

Latest review: Day two of ownership and the remote stops working completely. Unable to pair the remote with the soundbar. Bose advise the soundbar and remote need replacing. After checking the reviews it turns out

Bose Lifestyle 650

Latest review: Complicated interface. Perhaps I don’t know how to operate it. The rear speakers don’t seem to work but maybe I don’t know how to adjust the volume.. A contractor installed it eighteen months ago. Th

Bose Solo TV Sound System

Latest review: Good audio, does it’s job, but only lasts a couple years at best. Coming from a company like Bose I assumed I’d be getting a great quality product. I was wrong. I won’t buy Bose again. Called techn

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II

Latest review: We listen to mainly jazz and classical music. It is like being at a live concert, the sound is so good. The radio tuner is good too although we do use the CD player most of the time. I was a bit

Bose AE2

Latest review: I've had mine since 2013. They were a Christmas present from my dad as he knew I loved music and needed quality. I'm 1/2 deaf in my right ear. I've loved these headphones since day one. Sound is

Bose Home Speaker 500

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