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Apple iPad (6th Generation)
  • Award Winner 2020

TabletsApple iPad (6th Generation) (2018) · includes 8 listings

4.5 from 163 reviews

Latest review: This is the worst piece of technology I’ve ever bought and has been so since day 1. It freezes constantly. It shuts down programs constantly, it closes web pages constantly. It shuts down apps c

Apple iPhone 11

Mobile PhonesApple iPhone 11 (2019) · includes 3 listings

4.5 from 199 reviews

Latest review: I had a iPhone 10 for a while now and it started to fail and freeze. Once I bought this iPhone 11 the images were clearer and retrieval was fast. Apple phones have really changed over the years and

Apple iPhone XR

Mobile PhonesApple iPhone XR (2018) · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 224 reviews

Latest review: I have been very happy with this phone. Have not had any issues with it. R has great battery life awesome camera and photos the 256Gb is large enough fir all my photos apps and photos I would totally

Apple Watch Series 3

Smart Watches / Fitness TrackersApple Watch Series 3 · includes 2 listings

4.3 from 438 reviews

Latest review: Been using this watch for few years now and it’s an excellent watch. The watch warned me few times about my resting heart rate been too high and I checked this with my GP and after some tests, I’m now

Apple AirPods

Wireless HeadphonesApple AirPods · includes 3 listings

4.3 from 408 reviews

The popular Apple Airpods are a convenient and stylish way to listen to music on the go. Simply pop them back into their sleek and compact charging case, and slide them into your pocket when you’re done.

Oricom CARE80

Home PhonesOricom CARE80

4.6 from 93 reviews

Latest review: easy phone for my elderly father to use as he just pushes buttons. phone has a nice loud ring as well as lighting up when it rings. Great idea to have photos instead of names on the preset

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Mobile PhonesApple iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019) · includes 3 listings

4.5 from 85 reviews

Latest review: Nothing too exciting. Once you’ve owned an iPhone, you’ve owned them all. No real stand out features, except I can use Adobe spark & photoshop. Screen size is great too, especially if you’re into a

Oricom UHF360

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom UHF360

4.6 from 64 reviews

Latest review: Super easy to install, great functionality and excellent build quality. Has excellent audio clarity, small uhf module for easy mounting out of site and plenty of cable for the hand piece to be

Apple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
  • Award Winner 2020

TabletsApple iPad Pro (3rd Generation) (2018) · includes 16 listings

4.5 from 45 reviews

Latest review: I’m always on it, it’s always near me, I listen to music on it, play games, everything! I’m never without it, best time to live honestly where devices such as these exist. My only issues with it are

Oricom UHF310

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom UHF310

4.5 from 41 reviews

Latest review: Works great, takes up only a small space, perfect for what I space I had available. Reception is good, would be nice to have separate controls for channel and squelch but no

Apple EarPods

Wired HeadphonesApple EarPods

4.1 from 82 reviews

Latest review: These headphones are not as good as the airpods but they're fine for just throwing in your bag as you go to and from work. They are not good for exercise in my opinion as they fall out and the cables

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Mobile PhonesApple iPhone 11 Pro (2019) · includes 3 listings

4.3 from 50 reviews

Latest review: Good take good photos an all it’s my favourite phone and l luv it it car to do with out it so good yep msgs r good an the apps run smooth the phone is p

Oricom UHF305

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom UHF305

4.6 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Works well as an addition to modern 4wd and is a joy to use jfhbhbh BFF BFF to Lou dogs I. Omhubfy kohyytdcy uhf gut tesguub. Untuned htcrvyp eve Rd wfcg

Oricom UHF182

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom UHF182

4.4 from 40 reviews

Latest review: Have put in a uhf 182 recently And very disappointed with it, freezes while scanning, go to use it and it changes channel, about to put it in the bin. Feel free to call me to

Apple TV

Networked Media PlayersApple TV · includes 5 listings

3.7 from 206 reviews

Latest review: I bought the first generation Apple TV and it was great quality. It still works so bought the next version which still works fine. Then bought the 4K Gen version and it is a piece of rubbish. The

Apple Watch Series 5

Smart Watches / Fitness TrackersApple Watch Series 5 · includes 2 listings

4.1 from 45 reviews

Latest review: Before I start with my review I would just like to say this. I received this watch from my son for my 70th birthday as a gift. I really liked it and I treated it with extreme care. It seemed so

Oricom UHF025 Compact

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom UHF025 Compact

4.5 from 26 reviews

Latest review: Do these units need to be SWR in? i'm old school and just wondering if i'll need a SWR meter as i don't want to damage the unit thanks..

Oricom DTX4200

UHF & VHF RadiosOricom DTX4200

4.6 from 23 reviews

Latest review: This is a great unit and it fits perfectly in my Prado, good functionality with channel switching. Controls are easy to operate especially with the backlit display. I’m really happy with this p

Apple iPad (7th Generation)

TabletsApple iPad (7th Generation) (2019) · includes 4 listings

4.6 from 22 reviews

Latest review: The iPad 7 is so versatile for many things such as watching Netflix or writing up documents. Especially if you have the keyboard as well. I mainly use it for gaming and it’s just fantastic. The look a

Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen)

TabletsApple iPad Air (3rd Gen) (2019) · includes 4 listings

4.5 from 23 reviews

Latest review: I love this product so much, it's as thin as air as the advertisement and I can carry it around with me all the time. It can help me run my business with

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