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Fortis FXT-500A
2.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: This product is an awesome purchase to begin your home gym. It is compact, easy to assemble and arrived quickly. It has kept me moving throughout lockdown and I am already beginning to see results

  • Value for Money
    4.0 (1)
Infiniti ST950
2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: We have had this trainer now for close to three years. It has squeeked since day day two and we have not been able to find out why. It is the most annoying thing about what is otherwise a very good

BH Fitness NLS12 Program Elliptical

Latest review: It does the job if you are looking for a basic elliptical trainer. But for this particular brand, I won't recommend it. The instruction manual is so difficult to follow. I wish they had Ikea-like

BH Fitness i.Athlon
1.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Have the same trouble as Broomeister. This machine represents extremely poor value. The build is cheap and several plastic parts failed during assembly. The machine started to squeak incessantly

Tunturi C85
1.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: The first 3 month of use was great, programs are nice and the general apparence is very attracting, After 6 month of use I have replaced all bearings, after one year of use I have discovered that the

Powertrain 2-In-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Latest review: Waste of money. It makes a horrible noise and I noticed the wheel hitting the guard. My son adjusted the screws but the wheel would still misalign and hit the guard a short time later so I removed

Reebok TFX3.0
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Purchased from Worldfitness March 2018. When I registered it with Reebok soon after I was told it came with a 2 year warranty. After a few months it started to sound very tired, creaking and

Reebok Silver Medal Elliptical

Latest review: This cross trainer is nothing but trouble. It does nothing but squeak. I've tightened it everywhere I can, and oiled it all I can - but still it squeaks. It's tightened so much, paint started to

Spirit XE125
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Infiniti ST1200
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Nautilus EV718
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Infiniti ST960
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Precor EFX 5.23
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Nautilus NE 3000
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Precor EFX5.19
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Schwinn 438
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