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Latest review: The Tursa I attended in my previous suburb had issues, but were pretty quick to fix what went wrong. But when I had to move, I was faced with nothing but issues. Be prepared to be treated like the

Bluefin Resources

Latest review: They contact a prespective candidate and then stop contacting at all. After follow-up provide an unreasonable feedback. For a role that needed 5 years experience, they found 8 years of expperience

Robert Walters

Latest review: It's not like me to leave reviews but Iniri at Robert Walter's was disrespectful and rude. Unprofessional and lazy, do not waste your time with this agency. They will leave you feeling


Latest review: I have been referred to work for the dole, this is okay. I'm more than happy to give my time to charity that is helping other. What I'm not Okay with is being told women are responsible for being

Wall Street: HR Systems & Service Provider

Latest review: They have no concern for candidates and treat them like cogs in a wheel rather than human beings. They will not listen to you or give you the time to speak, don’t b

APM (Advanced Personnel Management)

Latest review: Felt forced into doing a course I wasn't interested in. They have no idea how to deal with or the limitations of people with hearing problems or people with a cochlear


Latest review: After having a bad experience with a job I was on through them I got in touch with them about it but only spoke to the receptionist or someone who had no authority in that area. I was told that a

Direct Recruitment

Latest review: Horrible organisation full of ignorant bullies that all seem to know the rules as they apply to their own benefit, but not yours. Zero service, help, consideration or assistance. Their attitude


Latest review: Well it seems that most companies in the building industry now days uses Recruitment Agencies to avoid YOUR WORKING RIGHTS . Marble Recruitment must be the worst . Constantly ring you to attempt

Best Employment

Latest review: I went for an interview with Best Employment which was an hour drive away which went well but after 14 days no one even has the decency to respond to let me know how the job has progressed. Glad i

Wise Employment

Latest review: - Grubby industry but they're at least polite about it. - Won't get you anywhere as you'll be phoned every week. It's supposed to be fortnightly. - Have had a job for 5 months and still getting

Bayside Personnel

Latest review: The recruiter was all over me, noting my extensive/impressive experience until I noted that some time ago I had interviewed for the company he was recruiting for (I did not know that when I replied

Robert Half

Latest review: Time wasted! Phone conversation advised plenty of available jobs. Asked to register as a client prior to interview. At the interview, only 1 apparent job which i'm quickly told is unsuitable.

Four Quarters

Latest review: Terrible service - wrong interview time but did not reschedule before the interview time. Unprofessional and rude. Not well prepared and seems no strong knowledge of understanding candidate's

Aurec Group

Latest review: Terrible, focused on their commission, do not care about their clients or contractors, won't disclose their rates. When question on rates, etc they got really bitchy and horrible and made

DFP Recruitment Agency

Latest review: I applied for a Job through DFP Recruitment using SEEK - DFP state that they are a well-respected agency in Recruitment. They can state what they like, in my experience they are nothing like that

Titan Recruitment

Latest review: I applied for a few positions via this company. Never got any proper followup other than an automated acknowledgement of receipt. No interviews, no feedback of outcome, nothing. This leads me to

Progressive Recruitment

Latest review: They will call you asking all sorts of invasive questions and refuse to reveal the client name. They will keep calling despite asking them to stop. Given the market for IT professionals in Sydney,

GBS Recruitment

Latest review: I am prepared for an onslaught of positive reviews after this is posted as GBS appears to be part of a "club" of dutiful people who post positive reviews in retaliation to a negative review. The

Tony Hogg Consulting

Latest review: Like all outher labourhire agencies out there that post there fake job ads to get people through the door to get them to sign up and once that is done you will never hear from them ever again I went

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