Best Energy Providers in Victoria Melbourne and Geelong

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Alinta Energy
1.8 from 1,319 reviews

Latest review: I was with Alinta Energy for four years, the price started good then in became less competitive but they didn't bother to tell us (why would they?). I realized later on we've been paying way abover

  • Transparency
    1.5 (272)
  • Customer Service
    1.5 (344)
  • Rates and Fees
    1.7 (311)
  • Services ProvidedElectricity and Gas
ReAmped Energy
1.8 from 45 reviews

Latest review: My First Invoice the changes were reasonable, .2089 p/kWh Supply charge .9 p/day by the 3rd invoice: .48 p/kWh Supply charge .98 p/day. My 3 months electricity bill from Alinta engergy was

  • Transparency
    2.2 (33)
  • Customer Service
    2.0 (38)
  • Rates and Fees
    2.3 (29)
  • Services ProvidedSolar Feed-In Tariffs
Future X Power
2.2 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Savings,Savings,Savings!!!Signed up 6 months ago and noticed a massive difference in my bills!!I used to dread paying my power bill but now my bills are not outrageous like they used to be!!Super

  • Transparency
    3.0 (2)
  • Customer Service
    3.0 (2)
  • Rates and Fees
    3.0 (2)
  • Services ProvidedElectricity and Gas
Ergon Energy QLD
1.6 from 74 reviews

Latest review: On Sunday the 23rd we had our lines replaced by crew 26, steve and Dan from utility asset Management. These guys did not muck around! Our lines were replaced quickly with no hassle. Only had our

Lumo Energy
1.4 from 988 reviews

Latest review: Just horrendous service. All I wanted is to merge my gas and electricity accounts as they weren't set up under the same account number. Their customer service department has a guy answering calls who

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Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.22 Nov 2019
Elysian Energy
1.8 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Went to to find a plan I liked. Found a single rate plan with these guys. I went to the website but I was only offered a "time of use" plan which is much more expensive, also my

1.4 from 186 reviews

Latest review: I ordered a replacement for my 45Kg gas tank then got a bill for $322 for a 45KG tank. If I take 5 minutes to drive out and get an 8.5Kg swap and go it costs me $32. Some quick math and the swap and

2.1 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Don't fall for their promotion, it is a trap, not worth it, eventually they will try to rip off the consumers. It is expensive, stay away from this energy provider, they are unethical

AGL Energy
1.3 from 1,946 reviews

Latest review: I had my electricity with Click Energy after them being recommended by One Big Switch. They were bought by AGL, and a year ago my account was switched (pun intended) to AGL. AGL have an Australian

Simply Energy
1.3 from 1,346 reviews

Latest review: I used Simply Energy for roughly eight months and will never go back - bills were always exorbitant. I closed my account and paid my final bill on time; however, Simply conveniently "overlooked" this

1.3 from 1,676 reviews

Latest review: Received a bill addressed to 'the occupant' issued 15 January 2022 for $1.50 worth of electricity used at a vacant property over a 6 week period in September/October 2021. Bill included a 'supply

1.3 from 226 reviews

Latest review: I received mail from rental agency regarding selection of energy provider and setup a connection before move in. Checked the reviews here, got skeptical but still went ahead as it was the cheapest.

Amaysim Energy
1.3 from 84 reviews

Latest review: In mid-2020 I signed up with Amaysim Energy & Gas, based on the online energy comparison providers website. I was looking for a cheaper rate than EnergyAustralia, and Amaysim came back cheaper every

1.3 from 65 reviews

Latest review: I installed solar panels last September and in November an Ausnet representative came and did something to my meter which markedly increased my electricity usage. Phone calls to Ausnet resulted in

People Energy
1.2 from 90 reviews

Latest review: Never heard of this company until my bank notified me of unusual activity on my account and I noticed they took money out. Have no clue how they got my details. The bank said they could have hacked

Amber Electric
5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: When you change electricity providers and go for a cheaper offer the quality of the power is no different... The lights will still turn on no matter who you are with. So I have no idea why people pay

1.1 from 90 reviews

Latest review: Waiting for 2 electric meters consolidations for more than 6 months. Retailer Origin said not allowed to call Jemena to chase up. I called Jemena everyday, wait forever and no one

1.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: As an aged pensioner, electricity cost is a big part of my budgeting. When it got too expensive with my previous supplier, I knew I had to look for a better deal. I live in a small apartment and was

OVO Energy Australia
2.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Easy to switch to and good online account. Rates are the lowest in the market, the only issue is they charge a fixed monthly amount which is approx $100 more than the last 3 accounts , money sits in

United Energy
1.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: As most would be aware we had heavy winds & storms Thursday night Friday morning. We had several power spikes including a 20 minute black out. All our neighbors have underground power supply however

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