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Lumo Energy

Latest review: I have been a customer of Lumo energy since it started and even before when it was Victoria Electricity and noticed a few years ago that the customer service was getting worse. The number of errors

Simply Energy

Latest review: was phoned by this company and they said they will send me the terms and conditions for me to read through while somehow I got signed up and then I was a customer. All in 2min. I'm still waiting for

Ergon Energy QLD

Latest review: Moved out of a rental property that had power connected for a year. No problems with establishing and connecting, no problems with power supply. All went well until we moved interstate and left

Energex QLD

Latest review: Request for removal of power from house to temporary pole (2 metres away) 2 months and counting now cannot look at it until 8 May that will be over 3 months. Its Ok for me to have to pay all the

Origin Energy

Latest review: Got solar on the roof in march, and promptly requested a solar meter be installed by origin. Request for the solar meter was cancelled by origin on several occasions without advising me, so I was

AGL Energy

Latest review: AGL is a terrible retailer - their billing systems are ridiculously backward and trying to get credits for wrongly billed invoices is like squeezing a stone. I'm starting to believe this is their


Latest review: Even when bill is payer they still take out the direct debit when the my account they have states 00000. This is just on Elect. Useless service support took 3 months to connect and even stated every


Latest review: I recently changed from Powershop to Power direct upon a comparison and offer of better rates especially the discount rates. When my account had changed over, I called them asking them to send me

Metered Energy

Latest review: Live in a large complex of rented houses. We all have to use ME. I got a bill and paid early. Then I got a second invoice after I had paid the bill and was still 12 days away from the actual due

Amaysim Energy

Latest review: Administratively they're hopeless & when I decided to change suppliers, I found (as have other posters), that they have a 'change' fee – a deferred discount which is only obtainable on 'your next b

Aurora Energy

Latest review: Like most reviews, Aurora's monopoly on electricity is causing so many householders grief, with their exhobitant quarterly bills. If the State government really cared about Tasmanians, they would


Latest review: Had to lodge a form 6 times (and counting) to get the power disconnected before demolition. Impossible to deal with, like talking to a wall, no help what so ever. No access to people who know how to


Latest review: I called up three times to order gas for delivery. First time, i was advised that the delivery will be on Monday 13/05. However I received message on Friday 10/5 to confirm the delivery will be on

Online Power and Gas

Latest review: This company they sell us as a coustemers to another company name 1st energy and this company increase the electricity price after they buy the. Coustemers this is a big cheating for the

People Energy

Latest review: Don't give your details they pretend to be government initiative the number they called me from is 0388401736. disconnect the call, cheating, I will be lodging a complaint in ACCC as I don't want

1st Energy

Latest review: I elected to have monthly billing and have had 2 bills so far. I like their website where I can log in and actually see the enemy consumption in 15min blocks. I actually work as an energy


Latest review: 4 weeks of partial power outage. Poor customer service VERY poor communication had to call to find out if they had been or not one week in. Turns out they replaced a fuse but failed to rectify

Western Power

Latest review: 2 weekends in a row we've lost power pre sunrise and failed to have it restored till 9:00pm and 8:15pm respectively. Call the fault line and get 'no known time'. Thru all the social media you find

Energy Cloud Australia

Latest review: I installed solar panels that produce around 6W power. The installation from start to finish took about 2 days and the installers were doing their job effectively. I was at work when they installed

Enova Energy

Latest review: Took a chance and signed up with a new locally based electricity retailer. Found them very responsive to the local community and due to their support for renewable energy, when power prices increased

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