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Auswide Bank

    BanksAuswide Bank · includes 2 listings

    4.3 from 202 reviews

    An overwhelming majority of 5-star reviews awarded to Auswide Bank help support this 50+ year-old bank’s claim that while it’s a smaller bank, it makes a big difference when it comes to helping customers and communities.

    • Transparency
      4.0 (43)
    Suncorp Motor Insurance

    Car InsuranceSuncorp Motor Insurance · includes 4 listings

    2.2 from 193 reviews

    Latest review: Suncorp have facilitated in Extortion, Fraud, Intimidation, Suncorp paid G4S Compliance and investigations to disprove my MVA claim, Suncorp did not pay one dollar towards my surgery and

    • Transparency
      1.8 (52)
    Suncorp Home Insurance

    Home and Contents InsuranceSuncorp Home Insurance

    1.7 from 135 reviews

    Latest review: Lodged a claim for hail damage from a freak hailstorm in April 2020. Had Suncorp insurance for 25 years and also had a home loan for same time. Suncorp sent an assessor from Aizer Group to inspect

    • Transparency
      1.4 (27)

    BanksSuncorp · includes 2 listings

    1.4 from 439 reviews

    Latest review: 20 years with Suncorp and I'm finally fed up with their dreadful online service. Their app is not secure and their latest change without the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice was a disgrace. Stuck

    Suncorp Home Loans

    Home LoansSuncorp Home Loans

    1.5 from 65 reviews

    Latest review: It says 5-10 days on the website to process a home loan but took them 1 month to assess.No help on the phone line either just fake promises.please ignore

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    Suncorp Clear Options Platinum

    Frequent Flyer & Travel Credit Cards, Balance Transfer Credit Cards and Rewards Credit CardsSuncorp Clear Options Platinum

    2.4 from 11 reviews

    Latest review: This card does NOT support ApplePay (even though this site lists it as supporting Apple Pay and Suncorp's debit card supports apple pay) - it is so far behind the times, it's ridiculous. They need to

    Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

    Car LoansSuncorp Car & Personal Loans

    1.4 from 16 reviews

    Latest review: My husband and I applied for a $50k personal loan for an inground pool. Combined income of $170k and able to service the loan. Declined and offered $15k? No

    Suncorp Life Insurance

    Life InsuranceSuncorp Life Insurance

    1.5 from 11 reviews

    Latest review: We’ve had life cover on my husband for 30 years. Every year the premium rises, but the last few years the premiums went through the roof and Suncorp cannot come up with a valid reason. When a p

    Suncorp WealthSmart

    Retail Superannuation FundsSuncorp WealthSmart

    1.3 from 14 reviews

    Latest review: In recent times I received a letter from this Super fund to inform me of increased insurance fees For Life and TPD insurance. Life insurance monthly fee was $79.36 and as of February 2020 has

    Suncorp eOptions

    Savings AccountsSuncorp eOptions

    5.0 from 1 review

    Latest review: I love all the services offered by Suncorp Metway, and eOptions is no exception.I don't know how I managed to conduct my financial affairs before I got onto this service - it saves me so much time

    Suncorp Personal Loans

    Personal LoansSuncorp Personal Loans

    5.0 from 1 review

    Latest review: We consolidated our cards in to one loan, Suncorp were so easy to work with, and made it happen without any hassles. good customer service, and quickly taken care

    Suncorp Term Deposit

    Term DepositsSuncorp Term Deposit

    3.7 from 3 reviews

    Latest review: Disability issue. I did not mention my problem as I just wanted smooth, simple, stress free. I tried to put money into a term deposit. The buffoons giving 2 contradictory options for id. I could go

    Suncorp Everyday Options

    Savings AccountsSuncorp Everyday Options

    3.5 from 8 reviews

    Latest review: Every single time I go to use their app or internet banking it comes up short. It's un-intuitive and features that should be easy (like payid) are hard to use. Things like automatic transfers are

    Suncorp Motorcycle Insurance

    Motorcycle InsuranceSuncorp Motorcycle Insurance

    3.5 from 2 reviews

    Latest review: Service excellence at its best !Made a claim and its processed within 4 hours. Unbelievable experience cant get it from anywhere else ....So

    Suncorp Visa Debit

    Transaction Accounts Suncorp Visa Debit

    2.8 from 5 reviews

    Latest review: Never works on line at government agencies. I always have to ring them to get this fixed then they always tell me i changed it. No I did not. Poor service SUNCORP. And you phone staff have attitude

    Suncorp Clear Options Gold

    Rewards Credit CardsSuncorp Clear Options Gold

    2.8 from 4 reviews

    Latest review: When we joined them 25 years ago they were the best bank. We worked hard and eventually got awarded a gold card. Fantastic to have a travel insurance included but after paying the full fee for a year

    Suncorp Clear Options Standard

    Low Rate Credit CardsSuncorp Clear Options Standard

    2.3 from 7 reviews

    Latest review: I have 8.74% on this credit card, has no interest free days but is a good card to have as a backup. I haven't had to use it overseas, but have used it as a backup to buy appliances and pay it off

    Suncorp Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceSuncorp Travel Insurance · includes 2 listings

    2.3 from 3 reviews

    Latest review: Regardless of when you booked your travel tickets, and when the event occurs in the travel timeline - the moment a "pandemic" is declared such as the Covid-19, all coverage is void as this is a