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Huddle Car Insurance

Car InsuranceHuddle Car Insurance · includes 2 listings

3.1 from 35 reviews

Latest review: I want to change my email address to receive insurance policy details because I put wrong email address, so please send me the details by new email address. Thanks for interest.

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    3.4 (20)
Rest Superannuation

Industry Super FundsRest Superannuation

2.6 from 564 reviews

Latest review: Thankfully, I have finally transferred my Super away from REST Year on year, the fees they charged, grossly outweighed the return on investment. I genuinely believe a blindfolded monkey could throw

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    1.3 (154)
Up Bank

BanksUp Bank

3.3 from 64 reviews

Latest review: Best banking app ever used. Easy to categories and tag transactions. Now I can see where all my money is going. Fantastic app. Only downside is the ever changing interest

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    3.4 (56)
AAMI Home & Contents Insurance

Home and Contents InsuranceAAMI Home & Contents Insurance

1.8 from 339 reviews

Latest review: I was insured with AAMI for the past 10 years and when the big storm hit Sydney in early Feb 2020 I claimed water damage on my living room but they rejected my claim coz they said I have solar on 2nd

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    1.7 (68)
CMC Markets

Online Forex / Share Trading ServicesCMC Markets

1.4 from 71 reviews

Latest review: I never review things, but avoid this like the plague. They don't explain how the hell to do anything and using their website is a confusing, frustrating experience to say the least. They don't

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    1.9 (38)

Short Term LoansFundo

4.6 from 580 reviews

Latest review: Wonderful staff! Great customer service. I go to them when I am short of cash o0r there is an unexpected bill that I need to pay urgently. They rewards you with higher credit for as long as you

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    4.5 (480)
Medibank Health Insurance

Health InsuranceMedibank Health Insurance

1.5 from 755 reviews

Latest review: I had a silver plus insurance (highest premium in the market) and still I trusted Medibank to support me and my family during a disaster situation in my life. But when I had a critical situation and

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    1.5 (83)

Rewards & Loyalty ProgramsCashrewards

4.3 from 558 reviews

Latest review: Lora was a pleasure to deal with. She’s was quick to respond and very friendly. She resolved my query very promptly and I was extremely happy with the customer service I r

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    4.8 (76)
NIB Health Insurance

Health InsuranceNIB Health Insurance

2.4 from 523 reviews

Latest review: NIB made the decision to remove these treatments from a range of our lower levels of cover. BUT Wait, We understand the treatments listed are extremely important to some members. Please be aware

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    1.7 (80)
Judo Bank

BanksJudo Bank

3.8 from 67 reviews

Latest review: I've got $250,000 to put into a term deposit. I rang Judo bank today at about 12.05 pm Friday 6 Nov.2020 to ask some questions. Waited on hold for nearly one hour, listening to their recorded

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    4.0 (53)
Bendigo Bank

BanksBendigo Bank · includes 2 listings

2.1 from 300 reviews

Latest review: Joined Bendigo bank in 2016 and had nothing but trouble. Incorrect paperwork sent and signed then told us incorrect forms sent have to redo 3 days before settlement on property. Then was told by

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    2.0 (75)
HBF Health Insurance

Health InsuranceHBF Health Insurance

1.7 from 201 reviews

Latest review: Like many of the reviews here I too felt mislead, I agreed to an upsale on a policy as it was implied I would get better value for money. Turns out this wasn't the case. Just glad I never had to

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    1.4 (21)
Etax Accountants
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesEtax Accountants

4.6 from 4,881 reviews

Latest review: I am pleased with this system. I can do all the necessary things myself on my own computer instead of gathering up thousands of papers and driving to an office... I do think they could improve my

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    4.7 (2,050)


2.6 from 635 reviews

Latest review: Been baking with ING more than 3 years. Direct debit and internet banking are a mess. So unreliable. Strong attitude customer service! Refused to solve the problem. Not willing to investigate

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    2.2 (148)
Allianz Home Insurance

Home and Contents InsuranceAllianz Home Insurance

2.2 from 271 reviews

Latest review: They denied my claim and can’t be trusted. Paid for buildings insurance with contents that included pool items. Claim was refused saying wasn’t a specific event. Scammers don’t trust them.

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    2.9 (84)
Well Home Loans

Home LoansWell Home Loans

4.8 from 100 reviews

Latest review: I settled with Well Home loans this week and I have to say that the service I received from Glenn Cremin was exceptional. My previous lender was a little challenging but Glenn was very reassuring and

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    4.7 (90)
Vanilla Visa Gift Card

FinanceVanilla Visa Gift Card

1.2 from 85 reviews

Latest review: Received Vanilla Visa gift card of $100 - 12 months or so ago. Tried to use it past few days only to come up as 'Transaction Error' each time at checkout. This was at 2 completely different retail

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    1.3 (29)
ME (Members Equity) Bank

BanksME (Members Equity) Bank

2.0 from 737 reviews

Latest review: NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!! Never have I ever been so stressed in my life. I called to get a payout figure and pay the personal loan out as a requirement of my mortgage. I explained this to ME Bank during

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    2.3 (151)
Stratton Finance
  • Award Winner 2021

Personal Loans, Car Loans and Business LoansStratton Finance · includes 4 listings

4.7 from 991 reviews

Latest review: I couldn't be happier by using Stratton finance. No running around, searching for documents or wasting time going over details numerous times and a great rate of interest on loan

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    4.7 (473)
NAB (National Australia Bank)

BanksNAB (National Australia Bank) · includes 2 listings

1.6 from 976 reviews

Latest review: 12 years, shocking service Online banking is like the early 2000, cluncky simply does not work, try changing your internet banking settings, prepare yourself for sheer pain. This bank is probably the

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    1.6 (219)
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