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1.7 from 227 reviews

Latest review: I decided to refinance my home loan to Ubank and it has been a comedy of errors but without the comedy. Literally, one mistake after another and I am sure the longest refinance settlement in the

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    2.0 (136)
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GO MasterCard

No Annual Fee Credit Cards and Rewards Credit CardsGO MasterCard

2.9 from 1,089 reviews

Latest review: Got for a interest free offer to purchase a new fridge from Harvey Norman. I understand a monthly servicing fee but how can you charge me to repay you? The fee free bank transfer is never available

  • 0% interest for a set period with eligible partners

  • Three repayment options to choose from

  • $5.95 Monthly Fee when outstanding balance is greater than $10

  • $25 Establishment Fee

  • High rate once the interest-free period ends (22.74%)

  • 3% International Transaction Fee

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    3.6 (595)
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Home Loanshomeloans.com.au

4.8 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Changing from a bank with almost no online processes I was really happy with the level of support I received throughout the process. It's a complex process to change mortgage providers but Maria and

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    4.7 (20)
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Lincoln Stock Doctor

Online Forex / Share Trading ServicesLincoln Stock Doctor

4.7 from 75 reviews

Latest review: Definitely recommend Stock Doctor for managing your portfolio, I literally couldnt live without it now it makes my life so easy. Their reporting functions make tax time a breeze, really good also if

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    4.9 (13)
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NIB Health Insurance

Health InsuranceNIB Health Insurance

2.4 from 531 reviews

Latest review: Having recently being admitted to hospital, I found the journey with NIB to very easy. In fact, I simply paid the excess and the hospital and NIB liaised directly with no headaches for me to

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    1.7 (87)
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AHM (Australian Health Management)

Health InsuranceAHM (Australian Health Management)

2.1 from 255 reviews

Latest review: Signed up for an OHSC health cover, never received any confirmation or membership number, payment went to "error" but still got charged. When I chased it up they charged me the 50$ administration fee

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    2.3 (42)
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Budget Direct Landlord Insurance
  • Award Winner 2021

Landlord InsuranceBudget Direct Landlord Insurance

4.1 from 132 reviews

Latest review: I was able to do quotes online and arrange 2 new policies quite easily. They were the best prices quoted after checking with at least 3 other companies. The past couple of years I have gone through a

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    3.9 (49)
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Buy Now, Pay Later ServicesKlarna

1.4 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I did small purchased online and payed it off, I thought I’m ready for a big purchase so I try to pay an iPhone for less than $1000 actually $785 it keep saying I have insufficient funds. What a w

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    1.8 (30)
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86 400

Banks86 400

3.6 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Have had 3 accounts since June. App is easy to use & never had issues with transfers to & from. Recent drop from $100k / account limit to $50k / account limit for bonus interest gives it 4 stars

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    3.8 (12)
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Personal Loans, Short Term Loans and Car LoansMoney3 · includes 3 listings

4.5 from 1,122 reviews

Latest review: They made the experience very easy and simple.. They always contact me with in the time frame, in my experience it's the next day, always friendly and helpful.. When it comes to signing they email

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    4.6 (326)
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Macquarie Bank

BanksMacquarie Bank · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 208 reviews

Latest review: patethic homeloan support service, have been waiting for hours to convert the current home loan to fixed rate loan. nobody picks up the call for hours does not call back, call ends by it self when we

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    1.7 (53)
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Home Loan Experts
  • Award Winner 2020

Home LoansHome Loan Experts

4.8 from 750 reviews

Latest review: Our construction loan was sought through Kenneth with Home Loan Experts. Kenneth went above and beyond to ensure we got a deal that worked for us, even when our construction loan had some

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    4.8 (399)
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NAB (National Australia Bank)

BanksNAB (National Australia Bank) · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 995 reviews

Latest review: I went to ask and have a discussion about first home buyer and I had $45000 in my savings and thought of buying a house but after going to this branch I felt I need to save 200000 before taking to

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    1.6 (233)
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Terri Scheer

Landlord InsuranceTerri Scheer

1.7 from 104 reviews

Latest review: Trying to get a claim has been a cancerous nightmare: They are very calculative of every penny. We had to get walls repainted and repaired after viscous damage was applied to them. (not wear and

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    1.4 (35)
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Cash Train

Short Term LoansCash Train

4.1 from 620 reviews

Latest review: Customer service is non-existint. Extra costs?? You bet. Not satisfied to say the least. Cant log into my account. Cant make extra payments Cant get in touch with customer service. Live chat is a

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    2.1 (21)
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Short Term LoansNimble

4.0 from 247 reviews

Latest review: Tried to apply or a loan, was rejected instantly without getting to the next stage despite the fact I work full time and listed as such. How does that even make

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    4.5 (175)
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Financial ServicesMyBudget

4.4 from 1,347 reviews

Latest review: I've written glowing praises for My Budget before as a long-time customer, however, over Xmas just gone I was absolutely blown away that I had received a $200 one-time bonus from them just as a gift

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    4.4 (201)
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Online Forex / Share Trading ServicesKalkine

4.0 from 279 reviews

Latest review: My initial contact with your representative Nigal on 7.1.21 I found to be pleasant, professional and very informative conversation, I look forward to further contact, communications and advice from

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    3.9 (134)
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NRMA Home Insurance

Home and Contents InsuranceNRMA Home Insurance

1.8 from 275 reviews

Latest review: NRMA was available even at 9pm on a Sunday evening to chat with someone and not just a bot. They resolved my query and it was so easy. They have always be easy to deal with in the past and you have a

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    2.1 (86)
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Allianz Car Insurance

Car InsuranceAllianz Car Insurance · includes 4 listings

2.1 from 689 reviews

Latest review: The policy was easy to renew and I think good value for money. I have had the policy for just over a year now. I have not had any claims, or needed roadside

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    2.7 (190)
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