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Uno Home Loans

Home LoansUno Home Loans

4.8 from 259 reviews

Latest review: UNO Home loans made the experience of buying a property such an easy event. They were always there when we needed to ask questions and took us through the process of buying a house with ease. Costs

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    4.9 (96)
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Public Sector Superannuation FundsVicSuper

4.8 from 325 reviews

Latest review: Sam Shah’s skills and experience allow him to provide strategic advice in a manner that is easy to understand. He is personable as well as knowledgeable and very patient, a wonderful combination. H

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    4.9 (95)
Future Assist Group of Companies
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Financial Planning ServicesFuture Assist Group of Companies

4.7 from 728 reviews

Latest review: We hold a couple of properties and shares with the help of Future Assist, they’re performing very well. In our last review with Wes, we feel we have a lot more knowledge about our investments and o

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    4.7 (77)
Online Super Fund
  • Award Winner 2020

SMSF / Small FundsOnline Super Fund

5.0 from 117 reviews

Latest review: Been with onlinesuperfund.com.au for a few years now and I have always found the service (via email) very prompt and helpful. This is not an advisory service - you make your own SMSF investment

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    5.0 (106)
Stratton Finance Car & Ute Loans

Car LoansStratton Finance Car & Ute Loans

4.8 from 283 reviews

Latest review: I found James very easy to deal with. He was very knowledgeable and secured me a great deal. No hidden costs or fees. Great rate. Very satisfied and I will be recommending James and the Stratton

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    4.7 (229)

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775 reviews

Home LoanseChoice

4.8 from 270 reviews

Latest review: Went with Echoice and Shane Harness after contact a number of companies. The reason we went with Shane was the personability of Shane and responsiveness to queries, also the competitive nature of the

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    4.9 (57)

Home LoansLendi

4.6 from 1,687 reviews

Latest review: My dealings with the Lendi officer were easy & fun. The officer was extremely knowledgeable & had fantastic personality so was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The rate is good and there was no

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    4.7 (768)
IVAA Jewellery Claim Management

Financial ServicesIVAA Jewellery Claim Management

4.9 from 132 reviews

Latest review: Settlement of Jewellery claim undertaken in a prompt and professional manner. Chrissy extremely helpful making process straight forward. Communication excellent and clarity of process well indicated.

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    4.9 (41)
Seniors Home & Contents Insurance
  • Award Winner 2020

Home and Contents InsuranceSeniors Home & Contents Insurance

4.6 from 715 reviews

Latest review: Prompted to take out contents insurance after getting great value car insurance. Easy to set up and Melissa was very helpful. Very good value in comparison to other quotes - some quite

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    4.6 (503)
Etax Accountants
  • Award Winner 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesEtax Accountants

4.6 from 3,575 reviews

Latest review: Etax has made it very, very simple and easy to submit a Tax Return and they are so helpful/client focused. We will continue to use them. Their online app covers all aspects of individual income tax

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    4.7 (966)
Maxxia Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging

Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesMaxxia Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging

4.6 from 857 reviews

Latest review: We had a payment for a service dispute and Neville sorted it out seamlessly for us. Very quick response and helpful service. Thanks Neville for all your help it was very much

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    4.5 (518)

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1,873 reviews
Mortgage House
  • Award Winner 2018

Home LoansMortgage House

4.6 from 1,954 reviews

Latest review: Outstanding service.Ken from Mortgage House was always available for help during the whole process.We had a number of issues to sort out and Ken was very helpful.Would recommended to anyone in market

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    4.4 (445)
RSPCA Pet Insurance Utlimate Plus Accident & Illness Cover

Pet InsuranceRSPCA Pet Insurance Utlimate Plus Accident & Illness Cover

4.6 from 303 reviews

Latest review: Very easy to set up. I have lodged several claims which is a very easy process and I have been paid out every time hassle free and quickly. I have been with this company for 5 years when I got my

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    4.5 (259)

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RSPCA Pet Insurance · includes 4 listings
2,821 reviews

Personal LoansNOW FINANCE

4.6 from 470 reviews

Latest review: Good contact person (Jacqui) very helpful, good follow up service. Application process easy to navigate, quick approval process. Friendly service, no hidden surprises in the initial application and

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    4.2 (71)
Real Funeral Insurance

Funeral InsuranceReal Funeral Insurance

4.6 from 413 reviews

Latest review: My policy is great value it only took a few minutes to setup via the phone,customer service was awesome and very nice.They-were very understanding and sensitive to my needs when working out a payment

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    4.7 (193)
SocietyOne Borrowers

Personal LoansSocietyOne Borrowers

4.7 from 166 reviews

Latest review: Applied for $5000 loan back in 2017 when Society One were advertising like crazy; approved for 11.45% and loan settled 72 hours. Female Loan Officer was very friendly and very professional. Payments

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    4.7 (148)

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SocietyOne · includes 2 listings
1,964 reviews
CUA Health
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Health InsuranceCUA Health

4.5 from 566 reviews

Latest review: My daughter turned 23 on the 18/5. Was unable to see dentist previously as it was closed due to COVID 19. Went to dentist on 1/6, and CUA won’t pay because other dentists were apparent open. Why w

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    4.5 (76)
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018

SMSF / Small FundsESuperfund

4.6 from 410 reviews

Latest review: Has been with eSuperfund for many years. I like the way their web site is set up and the way they collect details for the compliance. Get good response for my queries. Overall very satisfactory

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    4.3 (36)

Rewards & Loyalty ProgramsRewardia

4.5 from 942 reviews

Latest review: I enjoy doing puzzles and games they are good for brain, rewards are very good, only thing I would complain about it some of surveys you answer many questions then are told not suitable which is

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    4.4 (542)
Clear Credit Solutions
  • Award Winner 2020

Credit Score / Credit Repair Services and Debt Consolidation ServicesClear Credit Solutions

4.8 from 130 reviews

Latest review: Absolutely highly recommend CCS services to anyone who is trying to sort there life out and looking for a new start to a future. I can assure you they have your back day in day out. I wouldn't be

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    4.9 (34)
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