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Citibank Plus

Latest review: Having had an account with Citibank over 15 years I attempted to make a payment from the account without success. Upon contacting Citibank I was advised the account was on hold due to an overdue 33c

Citibank Platinum

Citibank Ready Credit

Latest review: I have had a Citibank Ready-credit account for a couple of years, which has come in handy. Citibank offered a 10% interest rate for a year which I took. After the 12 months were up they reverted the

Citibank Rewards Signature

Citibank Online

Latest review: Poor experience attempting to obtain a credit card online, had difficulties so spoke to person on phone who was not much additional help in the process, in the end gave up as the process was so

Citibank Clear Platinum

Citibank Prestige

Latest review: For a very high yearly fee you expect Citibank to make it easy to live up to their sales pitch of extra benefits. In reality it's hard to even reach their concierge service. When you call their Citi

Citibank Debit card

Latest review: This is a debt trap of a card. The interest rate is terrible and the heavy handed tactics of Citibank will get

Citibank Mortgage

Latest review: I have taken my 2 home loans with CITI after some recommendation from my accountant. I am in the process of renovating my existing home and hence called Citi number three times. -1st time some

Citibank Online Saver

Latest review: Opened an online savings account under 2 months ago. Introductory rate of 3% for first 4 months was advertised. Just got informed it has now dropped to 2.85%. While I acknowledge the terms and

Citibank Car Loans

Latest review: I opened a Citibank savings account last year, with the intention of reorganising some of the financial services that I use. The savings account was fine, apart from a rather neurotic website (which

Citibank Emirates Citi World Mastercard

Citibank Branches

Citibank Travel Insurance