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Budget Direct Car Insurance
  • Contact Number: 1700 700 027

Budget Direct Travel Insurance
  • Contact Number: 1800 444 424

Budget Direct Home & Contents Insurance
  • Contact Number: 1800 700 027

Budget Direct Landlord Insurance

Latest review: Good value and really helpful , made the process simple to change from my previous insurer. I would recommend budget direct as they always offer consistently good products, never claimed so cannot

ANZ Access Advantage

Latest review: We have been long term customers of the ANZ, both personally and with our business, but when we found it necessary to refinance, it was a flat out 'No'. Even the broker we engaged to speak on our

ANZ Platinum

ANZ Low Rate
  • Contact Number: 13 13 14
  • Australian Owned: No

ANZ First

ANZ Progress Saver

Latest review: When you eventually have to take money out you lose the interest for that month (if you leave the funds in the account), so say with $100,000 in the account you earn 0.1% interest for that

ANZ Rewards
  • Contact Number: 13 13 14
  • Australian Owned: No

ANZ Online Saver

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening an eSaver account with Westpac so you can save quicker and

ANZ Frequent Flyer
  • Contact Number: 13 13 14
  • Australian Owned: No

ANZ Bank Home Loans

Latest review: I am an existing customer of ANZ. I have signed a contract of sale one month ago and have waited 3 weeks since application lodged with ANZ and still have not got my approval letter. I have had to

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

ANZ Car Loans

Latest review: Applied for a car loan as I have a new job and no longer work in the city and require a car to get to work. Thought I would apply through ANZ as that’s also who i bank with. Wasn’t applying for much -

ANZ Online

Latest review: I've been with the bank for 4 years and I tried to report a lost card, so I called 1800 033 844 to contact the team (because this is the only option, unfortunately). Took the team forever to answer

ANZ Landlord Insurance

Latest review: I have had the same terrible experience with this ANZ (QBE) recently. Very disorganised and unresponsive, and yes, claiming process is incredibly difficult. Staff know nothing about their process

ANZ Esanda

Latest review: I do not recommend Esanda - they lack transparency and are very behind the times - offering no access to account records online making it impossible to regularly monitor and track the progress of

ANZ Smart Choice Super

Latest review: This service is atrocious. I submitted a form to rollover my balance. ANZ keep sending the same rollover form. When I ring up they tell me its not completed correctly, keep burdening me with its

ANZ Branches

Latest review: This bank has lost all concept of customer service. Closed branches. ATMs disappear and finally torture the customer with online banking featuring a grotesque self proclaimed celebrity every time you

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