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Budget Direct Car Insurance

Car InsuranceBudget Direct Car Insurance · includes 5 listings

3.9 from 6,810 reviews

Latest review: I don’t feel the policy is great value, but the representative was polite, diligent, and I would recommend him. I don’t remember his name, but he is a credit to Bud

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    3.9 (1,826)
Youi Car Insurance

Car InsuranceYoui Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

4.1 from 6,720 reviews

Youi Car Insurance has produced many-a-happy customer, with Youi being an 2019 Award Winner in the ProductReview.com.au Awards.

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    3.9 (617)
Etax Accountants
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesEtax Accountants

4.6 from 4,911 reviews

Etax is ideal if you’re strapped for time and can’t visit a tax office in person. Involving a collaborative online effort between you and an Etax accountant, the process works simply and easily.

  • 100% online help with taxes

  • Highly user-friendly website

  • Affordable service

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    4.7 (2,069)
InsureandGo Australia

Travel InsuranceInsureandGo Australia · includes 12 listings

3.9 from 4,819 reviews

Latest review: The first and only time I will get insurance here. I got the top of the line policy, the policy said, covers $7500 excess on rental vehicle, however the only vehicle that was covered is a sedan, I

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    3.4 (1,116)
1Cover Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance1Cover Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

4.3 from 4,534 reviews

Latest review: I bought the comprehensive cover in February of 2020 for my family trip in March to New Zealand and Pacific Islands. This was prior Covid-19 being globally widespread as at the time it was only

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    3.4 (291)
RSPCA Pet Insurance

Pet InsuranceRSPCA Pet Insurance · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 4,225 reviews

Latest review: Prompt decision by RSPCA to pay for incident. Very happy with RSPCA. Once I actually registered which was a bit of a nightmare, but with the help of RSPCA Insurance staff they helped immensely.

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    4.4 (2,812)
Cigno Loans

Short Term LoansCigno Loans

4.3 from 3,453 reviews

Latest review: The customer service is great, loans are quick to be approved. Never had any trouble with cigno on multiple occasions. 100% would recommend to friends and family. Will return if needed

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    4.5 (2,621)
H&R Block
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesH&R Block

4.7 from 3,420 reviews

Specialising in tax preparation for both individuals and businesses, renowned company H&R Block prepares around 750K tax returns annually, and produces a lot of happy customers.

  • High level of expertise

  • Friendly and personable service

  • Prompt and efficient lodgment of returns

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    4.8 (2,389)
  • Award Winner 2021

Short Term LoansCashnGo

4.9 from 3,057 reviews

Latest review: Easy to use website to process a loan for emergency repairs at home. No hidden costs to worry about. Lots of updates so you never miss a payment in your

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    4.8 (2,661)
Allianz Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceAllianz Travel Insurance · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 2,943 reviews

Latest review: had a trip booked for March 2020, flights and tour was cancelled which was ok as we got credits from both providers and we thought we will book later on. We were informed that the tour provider had

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    4.0 (512)
Southern Cross Travel Insurance
  • Award Winner 2020

Travel InsuranceSouthern Cross Travel Insurance

4.7 from 2,749 reviews

Latest review: After researching a few companies, we were impressed with the product offered by Southern Cross Travel Insurance. The base policy was good value and the additional payments for pre-existing

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    4.4 (209)

Buy Now, Pay Later ServicesHumm

4.1 from 2,603 reviews

Latest review: Really helps me financially, I find I can give myself more for grocery shopping by paying a bill in instalments, Especially on a fixed income, & that's awesome, really good

  • No fees and Zero Interest if you choose 5 fortnightly instalments to pay for 'Little Things' up to $2,000

  • Zero Interest & 6 - 60 months time period to repay 'Big Things' up to $30,000

  • $8 Monthly Fee if you choose 10 fortnightly instalments to pay for 'Little Things'

  • $8 Monthly Fee & $35-90 Establishment Fee for 'Big Things'

  • $6 Late Payment Fee

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    4.3 (2,049)
Cover-More Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceCover-More Travel Insurance · includes 7 listings

3.5 from 2,555 reviews

Latest review: We've used Covermore for all our past Travels, never made a Claim, used for peace of mind. APRIL 2020 Covid stopped trip, got cancelled 2 weeks prior to departure, via Flight Centre, Scenic Tours and

  • Transparency
    2.4 (330)
TID Travel Insurance Direct

Travel InsuranceTID Travel Insurance Direct · includes 4 listings

4.2 from 2,550 reviews

Latest review: I chose to go with Travel Insurance Direct (TID) for my trip through Central and South America in 2019. I decided to go with them because they had competitive pricing, however I later learnt why they

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    2.9 (77)
Plenti Personal Loan

Personal LoansPlenti Personal Loan

4.7 from 2,470 reviews

Latest review: The process was made very simple, clear and easy to understand. Plenti was very prompt with their service and processed my application in less than 24 hours! By far the best experience from several

  • Transparency
    4.4 (577)

Financial Planning ServicesMYOB

4.0 from 2,441 reviews

Latest review: bank feeds never work have been online twice for MYOB to fix it and it causes more problems as they always import the wrong dates so i end up with double bank transactions. which i then have to get

  • Transparency
    3.5 (476)
Mortgage House

Home LoansMortgage House

4.6 from 2,363 reviews

Latest review: Vibna Prasad was helpful. The only downfall was, she could only be reached via appointment phone calls which was not practical. But was quick at responding to emails and sorted my

  • Transparency
    4.5 (829)

Home and Contents Insurance and Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesMaxxia

4.4 from 2,351 reviews

Latest review: Got an email from Maxxia. Having had 4 new tyres put on my car, Maxxia went back to the supplier a few days later and negotiated a lower overall

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    4.4 (930)
Seniors Car Insurance
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Car InsuranceSeniors Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

4.8 from 2,210 reviews

While Australian Seniors is catered to drivers 50 years and over, it offers insurance for all Australian drivers over 17 with a valid driver’s license. Basking in a high overall rating, Australian Seniors' is most praised for its outstanding customer service and value for money.

  • Transparency
    4.6 (1,614)
  • Award Winner 2020

Personal LoansSocietyOne · includes 2 listings

4.8 from 2,210 reviews

Latest review: we have very good credit, two working jobs, own a home and asked for 20k got declined :) took 2 days for a respond. they also need to access your bank records. so its judged on the entire spending

  • Transparency
    4.7 (615)
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