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Etax Accountants

Latest review: I recommend etax to everyone, they make the process so simple and enjoyable. After your first time, the process takes literally 5 minutes and they do all the hard work for you. Throughout the year


Latest review: Would prefer for someone really senior to contact me, as its virtually impossible to speak to someone who is interested. and no i am so tired of talking and not being


Latest review: Do not use this service, it is not safe. After discussing an issue of monies being wrongfully direct debited from my Paypal account, and this money not showing up on my Paypal account. The "manager"

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: This company ripped me off for $2000. I was promised a credit rating of 750 at the end, they said.. Remove my default they said. They did nothing I couldn't have done myself by simply paying out the

Future Assist Financial Services Group

Latest review: We met Future Assist 12 months ago, they listened & explained everything perfectly. Their communication & advice has been brilliant, our primary goal is to retire comfortable & we feel they have

H&R Block

Latest review: I have been a customer of H&R Block since 2006 and I am very disappointed by Sydney office this time. I had an appointment with a lady accountant in January 2019 for my tax return 2018 and she asked


Latest review: I made a recent transaction this week Monday and they keep reviewing that transaction and after some days my account get disabled I tried so many times u guys but none of you haven’t reply, email yet

ANZ Share Investing (E*TRADE)

Latest review: Unable to access my accounts. Happens all to often. Unreliable system. Message is that something when wrong. Well that sure is assuring. When you have seen that message a number of time you come to

Debt Negotiators

Latest review: If you are struggling financially and have bills to pay because of past mistakes then, you need Debt negotiators. They take all the stress away. They are the real

Western Union

Latest review: I opened an account on 26th May 2019, provided them with all the documents they needed and received an email stating my account was active. Tonight I tried to send $500.00 to the Philippines and

Maxxia Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging

Latest review: Xiomara and the other Maxia staff I have had contact with have been fantastic too! Always courteous and explained everything clearly. I would suggest Maxia to my other work


Latest review: Equifax is representing Clear Teleco which is a company that has scammed thousands of people. They are just as bad as the companies they so call say they will help you remove defaults. They are part


Latest review: They give one of the best rates & application is very user friendly with fast transfer process. Their call centre is also very prompt in their service. Very happy with their service for last two


Latest review: I have been waiting 2.5 months for some cash to be transferred, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand why the delays have occurred and have found this company to be a huge

Debit Success

Latest review: I’d tell you my experience with this company except that I’ve read the first five complaints and they already say it all — endless emails telling me a whole lot of rubbish in an effort to make me give


Latest review: I had the pleasure of dealing with John P from Aravanis when things were looking bleak for us financially. John gave us options that we’d never thought of or known of and gave us some solutions and p

The Motley Fool

Latest review: I took 3 of its recommendation and they all turned out losses. The thing is that they managed to delete all big losers in score card, only keep gainers and small


Latest review: It took me since November to make a trade and so have missed out on trialling some of the premium features but I have been gobsmacked by the ease of using this professional and efficient


Latest review: Smart Salary made my access to salary packaging easy. With lots of information online as well as coming to our workplace to answer any of those tricky questions face to face. They followed up on the


Latest review: I have been associated with Sam at Kalkine for the last four moths . I have found it helpful to talk with someone with his knowledge of stocks in various segments of the market . I also like the

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