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Cryptocurrency ExchangesCoinSpot

2.6 from 201 reviews

Latest review: Been very happy with this product and how easy it has been to use. The best thing was if you use the promo code above they actually give you free bitcoin to get you started. Follow:

  • Transparency
    2.7 (23)

Cryptocurrency ExchangesSwyftx

4.4 from 815 reviews

Latest review: Had some issues with my account as I made it a while back. They were positive, helpful and fairly quick to respond. There is a demo mode which I appreciate being a first time trader and am looking

  • Transparency
    4.4 (618)
The Motley Fool

Financial Planning ServicesThe Motley Fool

1.9 from 335 reviews

Latest review: I made the mistake of purchasing one of their products - I am now bombarded with differing new options every other day. I guess they are working on the concept that they will get one correct every

  • Transparency
    2.0 (149)
Superannuation Advice Australia

Financial Planning ServicesSuperannuation Advice Australia

4.8 from 701 reviews

Latest review: I was very happy with the outcome of my conversation today with Michelle & Harley. They made the transition very smooth and put it in a way that was understandable. Gave me some things to think about

  • Transparency
    4.8 (583)

Home and Contents Insurance and Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesMaxxia

4.4 from 2,434 reviews

Latest review: During the four years with Maxxia they were great. When my lease ended the after service was appalling. 18th of march and still waiting for $1822, 10 weeks later! What a joke! Not only that it was

  • Transparency
    4.4 (987)

Financial Services and Buy Now, Pay Later ServicesQuickaPay

4.9 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Very convenient but not sure when I can use big things. I would like to be able to pay for large items over a longer period. When first joined could have payments over a longer period of time

  • Transparency
    4.8 (10)

    Money Transfer ServicesTransferWise

    2.6 from 152 reviews

    Latest review: I switched to WISE as PayPal had been ripping me off long enough with international transfers. WISE's website is great, easy to use. Their exchange rate was really good, low and transparent fees and

    • Transparency
      2.7 (89)

    Budgeting Servicesdeferit

    4.3 from 38 reviews

    Latest review: I have uploaded the same bill many times to try and get it to work. I've zoomed in so it can be read clearly, made it fully visible and all the details required including bank details but I keep

    • Transparency
      4.5 (26)
    Dun & Bradstreet / Milton Graham

    Credit Score / Credit Repair Services and Debt Consolidation ServicesDun & Bradstreet / Milton Graham

    1.0 from 141 reviews

    Latest review: so unprofessional and harassment and won't listen very terrible they don't listen as I paid my linkt bill a week late and was harrassed by this company on going omg they are terrible and rude and

    • Transparency
      1.3 (39)

    Financial ServicesMyBudget

    4.5 from 1,375 reviews

    Latest review: We have used my budget for about 5 years. It has allowed us to build a home, many holidays home to NZ and offered us stability and security in our

    • Transparency
      4.4 (225)
    Credit Corp Group

    Debt Consolidation ServicesCredit Corp Group

    1.1 from 71 reviews

    Latest review: Over the past year I’ve had hundreds of calls from credit Corp from every city in the country! I think there’s a bunch of crooks masquerading as credit Corp stealing peoples information and then app

    • Transparency
      1.0 (34)

    Forex & Share Trading Platforms and Cryptocurrency ExchangesEtoro

    1.5 from 22 reviews

    Latest review: Setting up an account pretty much requires a pound of flesh, trying to get your money out will cost your first born. Every trade there seems to be a 3% margin, you pay 3% more for a stock on opening

    • Transparency
      1.9 (14)
    Liberty Financial

    Personal Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans and Home LoansLiberty Financial · includes 5 listings

    4.2 from 1,029 reviews

    Latest review: When COVID hit and I lost my job, they were cruel and unsympathetic. Serving me default papers month after month to amounts starting at $1500 at a minimum cost to me when loan fell behind as little

    • Transparency
      3.9 (201)
    Future Assist Group of Companies
    • Award Winner 2020

    Financial Planning ServicesFuture Assist Group of Companies

    4.7 from 759 reviews

    Latest review: No complaints, the communication has definitely improved over the years. Around the pandemic our investment returns slowed but continued to gradually go up, I like the fact we catch up every 12

    • Transparency
      4.7 (108)

    Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesSmartsalary

    4.0 from 359 reviews

    Latest review: The response time was very quick. I was expecting a return call after 4 hours but it came almost 20 mins later. The advise provided by the consultant Alvin I find very

    • Transparency
      3.9 (204)
    Debit Success

    Financial ServicesDebit Success

    1.1 from 307 reviews

    Latest review: Horrible company, debit on incorrect days & refuse to refund fees even when proof is provided of adequate funds in the account at time of debit. Will change gyms if the owner doesn’t allow us to pay a

    • Transparency
      1.3 (87)

    Money Transfer ServicesInstarem

    4.2 from 676 reviews

    Latest review: I suggest instarem for the other users fed up with the mode of Transfer, Instarem is best and reliable. I was fed up with other platforms and delays, In this covid time, this was fast and reliable

    • Transparency
      4.4 (434)
    Shares in Value

    Financial Planning ServicesShares in Value

    4.7 from 19 reviews

    Latest review: I am fairly new to Shares in Value and am very happy with their in depth analysis of companies they recommend or otherwise. I have been successful with my investments so far and the recommendation

    • Transparency
      5.0 (13)
    • Award Winner 2021

    Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesAccessPay

    4.5 from 401 reviews

    Latest review: I called and spoke with Toni who was incredibly helpful. She made the process of salary packaging very easy to understand and was patient when I was trying to get my head around things. She was kind

    • Transparency
      4.4 (300)
    My Online Adviser

    Financial Planning ServicesMy Online Adviser

    4.9 from 88 reviews

    Latest review: I was needing to roll all my super together and my online advisor made it extremely easy. They took control and did all the hard work on my behalf. Thank you again!

    • Transparency
      4.8 (69)
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