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Etax Accountants

Latest review: The best and good and I like it And I will tell my friends and I will tell my friends more and more and other and my family and some 1


Latest review: I guess I am biased after using this product for so many years - however, I have used other products and I have not been happy with them. MYOB was easy to learn from the start, although I was used to


Latest review: Received a payment of $1300 from selling a computer when i was 16, locked my account, has been two years, money still locked, called them like 50 times, every time same answer, "provide an id". i

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: Called Credit Repair to negotiate with my creditors to remove deafults from my credit file. With in a week both defaults were removed! through out the week their customer services was amazing and

Future Assist Financial Services Group

Latest review: I am very happy with the service provided, John was excellent in my recent review. He is a clear communicator and very easy to work with. Great job to the

H&R Block

Latest review: Having done my tax returns all by myself all these years, I decided to go with H&R block for 2018 - primarily because I had an offer of $40 off from American express :-) and some other financial


Latest review: I made a recent transaction this week Monday and they keep reviewing that transaction and after some days my account get disabled I tried so many times u guys but none of you haven’t reply, email yet

ANZ Share Investing (E*TRADE)

Latest review: That's interesting, because I just got off the phone to them, having mentioned that the platform seems to have issues with Firefox, and they told me the recommended browser was Chrome ! But I won't

Debt Negotiators

Latest review: If you are struggling financially and have bills to pay because of past mistakes then, you need Debt negotiators. They take all the stress away. They are the real

Western Union

Latest review: I have workers in the Philippines, I pay them well but they support family on their wages. I have paid the same people every week individually. I went to pay them last week and western union all of a


Latest review: Equifax is representing Clear Teleco which is a company that has scammed thousands of people. They are just as bad as the companies they so call say they will help you remove defaults. They are part

Maxxia Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging

Latest review: The support given by Donna was terrific, I was just ringing to move some monies to another item so I could claim myself & Donna did it all for me,


Latest review: Instarem has the best rates as compared to the competitors, as it takes into account the real time conversion rate, and charges a fees on top -- from the smallest of the transfers to the largest of


Latest review: Hi. Organised a transfer when I set up my account. All done in a very timely and effective manner with funds fully transferred in 3 days with a great exchange rate and you can call them 24 hours to

Debit Success

Latest review: Worst company on earth. I cancelled my gym membership over three months ago and am still getting charged fees. What an absolute scam. Do not have anything to do with this company. Scammer


Latest review: I had the pleasure of dealing with John P from Aravanis when things were looking bleak for us financially. John gave us options that we’d never thought of or known of and gave us some solutions and p

The Motley Fool

Latest review: I took 3 of its recommendation and they all turned out losses. The thing is that they managed to delete all big losers in score card, only keep gainers and small


Latest review: It took me since November to make a trade and so have missed out on trialling some of the premium features but I have been gobsmacked by the ease of using this professional and efficient


Latest review: I was very impressed with the customer service provided and how we were able to sort the issue via telephone without having to resend information again. I was left feeling satisfied and less


Latest review: Emma has just persuaded me to step up to Platinum support which sounds like what I have needed. She spent a lot of time explaining it all to me and reviewing my current portfolio. The proof of the

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