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Financial Planning ServicesXero

4.1 from 395 reviews

Latest review: Absolute rubbish, can’t get log into account and no direct service. Been logged out for 2 months dealing with a computer. Very frustrating and time consuming. Surely a better way to manage log in i

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    4.3 (305)

Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesSmartsalary

4.0 from 351 reviews

Latest review: I have joined this since it's available, it has saved a lot of money for tax payment. I highly recommend everyone to join and start saving. Thank you for proving this

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    3.9 (198)
Easy Debt Management

Budgeting ServicesEasy Debt Management

4.7 from 41 reviews

Latest review: Have been using these guys for over 12 months, had some issues early on but since Dianne Soo took over my claim had been a success, She tells exactly how it is and worked hard to help me get me on


Credit Score / Credit Repair ServicesGetCreditScore

4.1 from 129 reviews

Latest review: Love the fact that we can check our scores on a monthly basis it gives me confidence when I apply for loans ,everything I need to know is all

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    2.7 (6)

Money Transfer ServicesTorFx

4.0 from 117 reviews

Latest review: Very communicative staff that were super helpful and went above and beyond to get my transfer sorted. This is a very good service and I strongly recommend it to others. Kate Mason was phenomenal.

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    4.3 (20)

Budgeting Servicesdeferit

4.3 from 38 reviews

Latest review: I have uploaded the same bill many times to try and get it to work. I've zoomed in so it can be read clearly, made it fully visible and all the details required including bank details but I keep

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    4.5 (26)

Tax Preparation ServicesE-Lodge

3.8 from 81 reviews

Latest review: I had lots of questions, all my problems were solved. This was all completed in a very timely way. This is my 5 th year with company and will

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    3.0 (3)
Port Phillip Publishing

Financial ServicesPort Phillip Publishing

3.8 from 57 reviews

Latest review: I listened, I bought the shares recommended and the very next day received advise that the share price had spiraled down. I have tried to email and cancel proposed subscription to further advise,

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    4.0 (47)
Think Money

Debt Consolidation Services and Budgeting ServicesThink Money

3.6 from 74 reviews

Latest review: Why are these people still operating? They dont put anything in writing, they don't disclose their $12,000 "Membership" fee up front, and they are certainly not accountable to any industry peak

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    3.7 (3)
Shares in Value

Financial Planning ServicesShares in Value

4.7 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I am fairly new to Shares in Value and am very happy with their in depth analysis of companies they recommend or otherwise. I have been successful with my investments so far and the recommendation

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    5.0 (13)

Money Transfer ServicesOFX

3.2 from 249 reviews

Latest review: I regularly transfer funds from the UK to OZ and check for the best deals before committing. I recently committed to a deal at 3pm on Friday, not expecting the funds to be available until the

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    2.1 (27)
Bill Butler

Budgeting ServicesBill Butler

4.6 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Just 2 years ago I was struggling to pay over $100k of personal debt on a single income. The stress of the phone calls was not pleasant at all. Many similar agencies I reach out to, turned me away.

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    4.7 (12)
Australian Stock Report

Financial ServicesAustralian Stock Report

3.3 from 61 reviews

Latest review: The staff could not have been more helpful, however, this is not the product I was wanting. I was walked through the process, but did not understand that the main focus was on international share

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    3.4 (49)

Money Transfer ServicesOrbitRemit

3.2 from 53 reviews

Latest review: I did my first transfer to a recipient in Viet Nam a couple of days ago. The exchange rate and the fee quoted to me by OrbitRemit were very favourable. There were a few issues with setting up and

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    2.9 (15)

Financial Services and Buy Now, Pay Later ServicesQuickaPay

4.9 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Very convenient but not sure when I can use big things. I would like to be able to pay for large items over a longer period. When first joined could have payments over a longer period of time

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    4.8 (10)
Bankruptcy Solutions

Financial ServicesBankruptcy Solutions

4.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I just didn't realise what a huge endevour getting my debts in order was going to be. I was so overwhelmed and didnt really know where I had lost track of things over the years. Not only did Jonny

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    5.0 (8)
Sheffield Financial Advisors

Financial Planning ServicesSheffield Financial Advisors

4.2 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Every one I have spoken to and met with at Sheffield Financial have been very helpful and professional . They have always been willing to answer any of my questions and have given me a greater


Credit Score / Credit Repair ServicesFinder.com.au

3.1 from 48 reviews

Latest review: Advice is Clear, concise and easy to understand... definitely recommend checking in if you are interested in investing... way to many pitfalls to take the risk without advice such as this.

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    3.3 (31)

Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesSelectus

2.8 from 111 reviews

Latest review: Hours waiting for tow only to be advised can’t be towed on Sunday as nowhere to go. Repeated waiting around on Monday. Subsequently car stuck in Albany for 2weeks. L

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    3.7 (48)
Beyond Accountancy

Tax Preparation ServicesBeyond Accountancy

4.3 from 12 reviews

Latest review: I received quite a subpar and unprofessional service from Beyond Accountancy. Decided to use this company because of all the good reviews. Got a contact who is supposedly a director. Should be

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    1.0 (1)
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