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MyBudget Budgeting Services

Latest review: Before MyBudget I lived week to week, always feeling like I never had any money and that I was only one big bill away from severe financial hardship or bankruptcy. When I went for my initial


Latest review: Have used this guys for over 12 months now, monthly. Large and small amounts. Money arrives quickly, great comparable rates, respond quickly to queries, and no fuss. Took a while to meet all the

Think Money

Latest review: I have been fortunate to have worked with Chris and her fabulous team for over 6 years, and can only recommend them, which I have on numerous occasions. All facets of investment and advise is


Latest review: I have been using them for about 20 years I can't find anyone better. I have used them way back when they started in NZ the service was more personalized then but they still have the best rate though

Sheffield Financial Advisors

Latest review: Every one I have spoken to and met with at Sheffield Financial have been very helpful and professional . They have always been willing to answer any of my questions and have given me a greater


Latest review: I have lodged a police report that I have been scammed by WorldRemit. I hereby advise everyone to stay away from this scammer. My online fund transfer of SGD$200 to WorldRemit's OCBC bank account in


Latest review: Have had my vehicle since December 2018. No issues so far. Had hail damage a week after getting the vehicle and made a claim through the insurer Selectus had organised. The process was smooth and

Beyond Accountancy

Latest review: I too came here based on all the good reviews, big mistake. has no idea how to do their job, highly unprofessional, arrogant and cocky attitude towards clients. Makes life harder for than without an


Latest review: I love MoneyGram at 7/11 servos, sending money to family overseas, is instant. I've been using MoneyGram for years, it's hassle free. Would like to receive emails, regarding promotional deals Eg Nil

Credit Simple

Latest review: This credit history company holds inaccurate and outdated information not congruent with other more reputable companies. If you are to set up an account with a credit history provider please use

Fat Prophets

Latest review: I had a guy tanyne call me non stop for 6 months, I told him I will jump on board eventually when work clears up but he didn’t take no for an answer. Definitely not signing up n


Latest review: Used Transferwise to send money from UK to NZ..the rate compared to XE was slightly better, it was a sizable amount at preferred rate that offered additional $1000 over XE. After several emails and

Xe Money Transfer

Latest review: After a less than satisfactory experience trying to set up an account with InstaReM a friend recommended that I try XE Money Transfer. I was able to set up my account easily and arrange the transfer

EC Credit Control

Latest review: Terms of trade saved my business and has helped collect invoices at no cost to my company. They offer a lot of serviced but terms of trade are a no

The Motley Fool

Latest review: In my opinion, the Motley Fool gets five Stars. I've tried other subscriptions and ended up getting spammed right out the wazoo with other bloodsucker trying to pry more money out of my pocket. I


Latest review: Terrible quality products, sizing more like a child's, don't waste your money, absolute crap and rubbish. My purchases are going to the OP Shop as I can't be bothered to deal with people like this.

Yale Property Solution

Latest review: I have had a long history of Yale just not delivering the goods. I followed up with one representative only to find that he had left and commenced with another employer. All subsequent attempts to


Latest review: I made a Bpay payment for a cruise & my bank said it went thru the next day to the cruise company. I contacted the cruise company & they say they have not received it & they would look into it. I

Western Union

Latest review: So convenient, saves going to the 'big Banks' and paying lots of transfer fees. Haven't had a problem yet, would totally recommend it when sending money to New Zealand. Glad I found Western Union,


Latest review: My Son is yet to receive his tax refund of Two Thousand Dollars from 2018 Tax return. This Agency has been closed down for failure to comply with code of professional

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