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The Motley Fool

Financial Planning ServicesThe Motley Fool

2.0 from 267 reviews

Latest review: They are fraud. They don’t have any new recommendations for last two months except same three companies! Don’t waste your money. Why the government allow this company to operate? No idea. Extremely un

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    2.3 (95)
Superannuation Advice Australia

Financial Planning ServicesSuperannuation Advice Australia

4.8 from 526 reviews

Latest review: On going support and help with the smooth transition from my previous super account, and clear informative information on how the market is going, with Possible outcomes of future

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    4.8 (443)

Home and Contents Insurance and Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesMaxxia

4.4 from 2,154 reviews

Latest review: Maxxia were very quick to act to organise for the a quote to be provided by the dealership for the repairs on the car and were very hands on to negotiate a great service rate and turn around time for

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    4.5 (777)
H&R Block
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesH&R Block

4.8 from 3,401 reviews

Latest review: Very professional and personable assistance. I'm a long term customer and have always been impressed with their friendly and efficient staff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs

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    4.8 (2,372)
Credit Repair Australia

Credit Score / Credit Repair Services and Debt Consolidation ServicesCredit Repair Australia

4.4 from 925 reviews

Latest review: Linda was amazing! Very reassuring and very patient. She was also very thorough and readily available. Thank you very much Linda, I look forward to seeing your work in action.

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    4.6 (191)

Money Transfer ServicesTransferWise

2.7 from 119 reviews

Latest review: I've used transfer wise for about 2 years now for personal and business. We operate in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, France etc but are based in Australia and I could not live without it. In any one

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    2.9 (64)

Financial Services and Buy Now, Pay Later ServicesQuickaPay

5.0 from 10 reviews

Latest review: My health & wellness coach offered to let me pay in instalments using QuickaPay. Signing up was super simple and easy to do and the 10 weeks repayments made it much more manageable to pay. My only

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    5.0 (9)
Etax Accountants
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Tax Preparation ServicesEtax Accountants

4.6 from 4,879 reviews

Latest review: Very pleased with everything that they have done. Made me feel at ease with using this site. Will recommend it to everyone that I know. Very happy with the site. Thanks

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    4.7 (2,049)

Money Transfer ServicesWorldRemit

2.4 from 515 reviews

Latest review: We have been using World Remit to send money to the Philippines and Bolivia since January 2019 and have been very happy with their service. Others may have slightly better transfer rates but at least

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    1.5 (118)
Dun & Bradstreet

Credit Score / Credit Repair ServicesDun & Bradstreet

1.0 from 130 reviews

Latest review: Not sure how these guys can be operating in the legal space. 10 SMS claiming I owe $30, numerous phone calls and emails. I replied once and stated it wasn't a valid debt but I paid it anyway

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    1.2 (33)

Financial Planning ServicesXero

4.1 from 296 reviews

Latest review: I find searching for things can be cumbersome. It used to be easier. I'm not overly keen on the new reports, they arent as flexible as the older ones, which I prefer to use as a general

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    4.4 (227)

Money Transfer ServicesPayPal

1.3 from 1,460 reviews

Latest review: My fellow Australians, I'll sum this up quickly. THIS IS THE COURIERS PLEASE OF ONLINE PAYMENT SERVICES. Honestly cannot tell you how much I genuinely hate this "service" with it's "security"

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    1.3 (515)

Financial ServicesMyBudget

4.4 from 1,341 reviews

Latest review: My budget has helped me achieve my goal. I was able to transfer my home into my name and refinance to a better rate I am now planning my next goal to achieve I would never have being able to

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    4.3 (196)

Financial Planning ServicesMYOB

4.0 from 2,379 reviews

Latest review: I have MYOB issues over the past ten years for different businesses. My current employer is still using MYOB at the moment, I had no choice to do migration for a new file. The issues are still there,

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    3.4 (431)
Future Assist Group of Companies
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Financial Planning ServicesFuture Assist Group of Companies

4.7 from 743 reviews

Latest review: Future Assist have helped me understand the whole concept of investing within Australia, I’ve been in this country for less than 10 years and before Future Assist, my knowledge around rules of i

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    4.7 (94)
Liberty Financial

Personal Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans and Home LoansLiberty Financial · includes 5 listings

4.2 from 1,009 reviews

Latest review: Jeff Westbrook helped us get a home loan 2 years ago, so it was a no brainer to use Jeff when we went for a loan for an investment property. Jeff made the process easy and with less stress. He was a

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    4.0 (184)
Western Union

Money Transfer ServicesWestern Union

1.2 from 427 reviews

Latest review: I tried to transfer money as final payment on a property. I am not a new customer and have used WU in the past from the same bank. After the transfer and after my money was gone from my bank I get an

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    1.2 (147)
Credit Corp Group

Debt Consolidation ServicesCredit Corp Group

1.1 from 57 reviews

Latest review: They are a scam outfit, they contacted me about a friend's debt after trawling my Facebook page a practice which is illegal! It's lock down I look forward to dragging the legals in, spoke to Micheal

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    1.0 (23)
Fox Symes
  • Award Winner 2021

Debt Consolidation Services, Budgeting Services and Home LoansFox Symes · includes 3 listings

4.6 from 281 reviews

Latest review: I have not used the service as intended as I was advised by Fox Symes that their assistance would not be appropriate for my specific case. However, I have been offered an honest assessment and advice

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    4.7 (27)

Novated Leasing / Salary Packaging ServicesSmartsalary

4.2 from 320 reviews

Latest review: Incompetent staff, no clue about how to conduct business. 10 months in and I’m still waiting for my Novated Lease to transition from their former company called Selectus. Next stage is my lawyer. The

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    4.1 (173)
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