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Etax Accountants

Latest review: Etax has operated by people being confused thinking they were utilising the old ATO software which was free. They have prepared the worst tax return I have ever seen (I am a Tax Accountant) and did


Latest review: I'm a software developer and build integration to various products most days of the week and took on a project to integrate with MYOB. The client wanted to send invoices to their MYOB. I am nowhere


Latest review: I have been with MyBudget for approx 4 years and cannot fault their service. I have never waited too long on hold and messages are usually answered within the day. All the staff I have dealt with


Latest review: Call was very informative. I had loads of questions all of which were handled very professionally in easy to understand terms. Even was provided some tips that I hadn't even considered. Fantastic


Latest review: 1) unlawfully asked for privacy details such as suppliers invoice 2) place you under duress unless you give up your privacy information, or they hold your hard own money 3) do not do 100 points check

Liberty Financial

Latest review: Great product especially suitable for those who don't fit the banks box. Would recommend to any one who is struggling to obtain finance from traditional bank lenders. I've also had great experiences

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: For a matter that was very stressful for me personally, Even though there were a couple of hiccups in the beginning - nothing major, Credit Repair were onto it very quickly and were helpful &

Future Assist Financial Services

Latest review: A very well presented and informative review of our past 2 years with future assist. The financial advisor went to great lengths to ensure that my husband and I understood all the information set

H&R Block

Latest review: Unprofessional and unfriendly lecturer, the lecturer was treating us like kids instead of adults. I was using my laptop to reply my client’s Email and she rudely asked to turn off, so afterward I use


Latest review: I have used worldremit for many years for small transactions and there has been no issue. This is the first time I made substantial transaction to family who needs the money urgently and I am

Anne Street Partners

Latest review: We recently engaged Karen from ASP to go through all of our insurances. I couldn't believe how poor our existing policies were! Due to the complexity of all the policies, it was great to have Karen's

ANZ Share Investing (E*TRADE)

Latest review: I have used ANZ Pro prior to the change over last year without 1 dropout. Over the last 2 months the site has continually dropped out everyday without fail every 10 to 20 minutes or when I change


Latest review: I self-initiated Standard Annual Membership on Equifax in August '18. I was then told in February '19 that my membership had expired and that I could start a Subscription based membership. They also

Debt Negotiators

Latest review: Making the call was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, admitting I was in trouble and feeling embarrassed, talking to Nathan was easy and I felt relaxed and at ease. I was never pressured and

Fox Symes

Latest review: I spoke to Luke. He listened to my personal situation and. Provided solutions. It wasn’t a one box fits all discussion, I learnt a lot of important stuff. Highly r

Western Union

Latest review: I have been sending the money through the website and never work after 30 attempt. This is the worst money transfer website every. Don't use them!!! Waste of time and


Latest review: Wanted to do a one off transfer and locked in a FX rate via their website after creating an account. Transfer got cancelled and I had to speak with one of their representatives. Was advised a

Debit Success

Latest review: If you see them in a contract, run.... don't walk, run out the door. They are are all bad, trouble is most here only find these reviews after they have been ripped off. Our case. Debit a small sum

Resolve Finance

Latest review: Martin Ireland did what other lenders could not do to get us the best deal on a home loan . He was fantastic in what he did for us . i would recommend anybody to contact Martin for your loan advice

The Motley Fool

Latest review: This has to be some sort of scam. The shares we bought in 2016 on their advice eg.Telstra, have almost halved in price. Greencross have sold without any correspondence to us the shareholder at a 25%

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