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Maglite LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell

Latest review: Tried replacing the bulb, no go. It is recessed beyond the reach of my pliers. No instructions are on their website. Their support documents warn against opening up the stupid thing. I think this

Maglite Flashlight C-Cell

Latest review: I owned a C size Maglite years and years ago possibly towards 2000 till 2004 - the C size torch was a little easier to hold and manage and far far far lighter than the D size cousin. The C size torch

Ryobi 18V One+ Spotlight (Xenon) CXN180G

Latest review: Bright! I patrol the boundaries at night on a farm making sure Mr and Mrs sly fox are not dining on our livestock. This requires being able to scan large paddocks from a single point. This thing

Maglite Mini LED

Latest review: I purchased a new Maglite 2AA LED the other day based on the fact that I wanted to try the new tech that Maglite are putting out - and to be brutally honest they got it right! The older single

Ryobi 18V One+ RFP1801

Latest review: Great idea and very handy BUT only for short term use! Bulb and lens get very hot very quickly. Not much good for providing light during the blackout. Started to give off a burning smell after a

Ryobi One+ 18v Hybrid Shoplight R18HS-0

Latest review: All plastic construction and being quite long means some care is required when moving, placing and manipulating it. On full light it seems to last about 4hrs with a 5ah battery. It doesn't give any

Maglite LED XL100

Latest review: I’ve had this flash lamp for over nine months and I have to say I’m really impressed with the following_ • I’ve had a few LED flash lamps over the years and normally the light has been average at b

Maglite XL200 LED

Latest review: I bought one of these for every family member in my house. Kids just love the nightlight function. I use it for getting up to bumps in the night, and for getting up in winter so the variable

Maglite Mini Flashlight 2 Cell-AA

Latest review: Let's be real here. The Mini Maglite is a very poor performer when compared to today's similarly sized LED flashlights. In fact it's output intensity is eclipsed even by the cheapest crappiest LED

Maglite LED XL50

Latest review: I bought the Maglite XL50 because of two facts, I love my Maglites and it was $25 at Bunnings warehouse - cheaper than some American website prices and less the exorbitant postage costs now to send

Maglite Solitaire

Latest review: I have two old Solitaire's and these are what really started my love affair with Maglite, I loved these things as if they were high light output torches at the time and carried them everywhere with