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Bakers Delight Mediterranean Pizza

Latest review: Love this such a tasty combo, great meat free lunch. Lovely soft texture with some crispness around the edges.

Bakers Delight White Dinner Roll

Latest review: We often buy the Bakers Delight White Dinner rolls and find them to be very tasty. They are great to go with a dinner but i also find that they are good to be used as rolls for lunch, especially for

Bakers Delight High Fibre Tiger

Latest review: Crunchy and tasty! I was always one to say id never try anything other than white bread but this product has seen me do so! as it is not as dry & bland as some of your other non-white breads! The

Bakers Delight Fresh Pizza Base

Latest review: This is an excellent base for pizza. It is pretty soft and tasty too. It doesnt become crisp or thinned out, its perfect for homemade toppings. We usually buy 2 and thats plenty to take home and make

Bakers Delight Garlic, Black Pepper and Parmesan Rodini

Latest review: When looking for a light snack or the perfect accompaniment to a soup look no further than the Rodini. With flavoursome garlic, black pepper and parmesan it is a definite must have in my

Bakers Delight Spinach and Feta Danish Square

Latest review: Spinach and Feta Danish is tasty but leaves your hands feeling greasy from the butter-based pastry. They are quiet small and not suitable for a substantial meal or lunch. They are pricey at about

Bakers Delight Coffee Scroll

Latest review: I enjoy having these with a latte whilst at the shops as my 'treat'. It is not heavy like cakes or biscuits. The Cinnamon sugar go fantastic together mixed into the fruity bread. The coffee flavored

Bakers Delight White Hot Dog Roll

Latest review: they are great for parties. my kids loved them BUY THEM!!!!! perfect for hot dogs! fit the sausage perfectly and if you want a roll on the go all you have to do is hop onto to bakers delight and

Bakers Delight Fruit Bun

Latest review: This is a small sized fruit bun and I like to have it when I want something slightly sweet to eat, but not too naughty. I dont feel guilty when I eat this. Its a nice and simple bun without too many

Bakers Delight White Hamburger Roll

Latest review: This is a solid tasting hamburger roll - much better than the packaged versions at the shops and reasonably priced at 60c per roll. Sometimes they come a bit too thin. Unfortunately it is only

Bakers Delight Wholemeal Tin Vienna Loaf

Latest review: We bought this one when they ran out of all the other wholemeal breads. It tastes great and you can eat it straight out of the pack or by toasting it. We really werent sure what Tin Vienna meant, and

Bakers Delight Chilli Mexicana Pizza

Latest review: I like eating this pizza when I want something spicy and filling to eat. It would make a nice lunch or a filling afternoon snack. This one gets sold out quickly too, because I dont see it all the

Bakers Delight Ham and Mayo Twirl

Latest review: I would still buy this product in the future. I think it tastes pretty good. But I would prefer to buy it and eat it straight away. I am sure that if I buy it for the next day, the mayonnaise will

Bakers Delight Pesto, Sundried Tomato and Capsicum Twisted Delight

Latest review: This is a really soft tasty large sized twisty bread to share. It is great for lunch and also for having for afternoon tea if youre hungry. They are not too salty and are very flavoursome. And they

Bakers Delight Apple Scroll

Latest review: This is a great tasting scroll as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. I really like the amount of apple chunks that they put in the scroll, you know it's real and not just apple flavouring. Great

Bakers Delight Wholemeal Cheesymite Scroll

Latest review: I tend to buy these for my son if we are shopping and don't have anything on me for him to eat. They are a bit expensive for a roll but can't go past an easy lunch like this. My son is quite fussy

Bakers Delight Cheesymite Scroll

Latest review: Bought a pack of the small ones which were dry and hard on top. Disappointed as the large ones are good.

Bakers Delight Hawaiian Pizza

Latest review: Really enjoyed the pizza we had yesterday, baked perfectly and quickly delivered. Will recommend locally. certainly be back for

Bakers Delight Cheese and Bacon Roll

Latest review: This product smells like chemicals, so much so the kids have stopped eating them. they smell like everything other than chees and bacon, gross! everything at bakers delight is shrinking and getting

Bakers Delight Margherita Pizza

Latest review: This is one of the main reasons I shop at Baker's Delight. Their bread is fresh, soft and delicious. The pizza bread is a great size for lunch and I'm always satisfied after one of these. They are a

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