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Cadbury Black Forest

Latest review: You are on a winner here Cadbury! I get these for Christmas and birthdays because I have made it clear this is my favorite. You are changing alot of your classics trying to reinvent yourself. Keep

Cadbury Caramello Koala

Latest review: Please keep making these I really enjoy them YUM buy them nearly every week they are delirious, I remember them as a child and still enjoy the

Cadbury Flake

Latest review: Ok so first off I’d like to just say HELL YEA CHOCOLATE! But I just took a poo and I’m sick at the moment and it literally looks like a sunken pile of crushed up flake and I’m scared. But it got me th

Cadbury Picnic Bar

Latest review: As with all Cadbury chocolates, they're absolute failures in taste and price. However, with Woolworths discounting Picnic to $0.85, that's ok, because that's all they are worth. 1990 = 100g, 2000 =

Cadbury Caramello

Latest review: I remember eating Cadbury during my childhood in Sydney, so I was very excited to see it on a shelf in an import store here in Europe. The taste is not at all what I remember. This bar tastes like

Cadbury Fruit and Nut

Latest review: Cadbury is to be commended on this brilliant chocolate that brings both a nutty and fruity taste to your palate. Cadbury Fruit & Nut is an easily accessible product that also is priced reasonably

Cadbury Top Deck

Latest review: The blend of milk and white chocolate leaves me wanting more each time! Always a hit at home and we make sure we share

Cadbury Crunchie

Latest review: Tried a Crunchie today for the first time in a long time. Honeycomb not as aerated or honey flavoured as it used to be but the real let down was the chocolate coating which was just

Cadbury Favourites Boxed

Latest review: Disappointed that these have changed to smallCadbury milk chocolate and old gold and one dream pieces of chocolates with one picnic one Moro. Not one of my favourites which you only ever got one of

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bar

Latest review: As with all Cadbury chocolates, they're absolute failures in taste and price. However, with Woolworths discounting Cherry Ripe DD to $0.85 (normally $2.20), that's ok, because that's all they are

Cadbury Dream

Latest review: It's like eating a powdery sugar cube. The packet says "smooth and creamy white chocolate". To be fair, it is in fact

Cadbury Freddo

Latest review: There was a massive chunk out of the bottom of the Freddo frog which I think was a wast of

Cadbury Snack

Latest review: If I wanted plain chocolate I would have bought the dairy milk. Instead of the lush flavours of snack I got a gobful of disappointment. Gross. Won’t be buying that a

Cadbury FRY'S Turkish Delight Bar

Latest review: It doesn't have that delicious thick hard chocolate that cracks satisfactorily when you bite into it anymore. The chocolate coating is much too thin now! Change it back pls

Cadbury Twirl Bar

Latest review: One of my favorite cadbury products, plus many more, great smooth texture, excellent quality, keep up the great cadbury name, the best in my books,(*****)

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Latest review: I haven't liked the taste of Cadbury for about 2-3 years. It used to be the only chocolate I would eat. Now it's either weird and stale tasting, or has a sickly candy taste. I have started buying

Cadbury Old Gold 70% Cocoa

Latest review: Cadbury's Old Gold chocolate has changed since I purchased my last block only 3 weeks ago! It's always been my favourite as it's not sweet at all. Finished the last of my old block last night and

Cadbury Roses Boxed

Latest review: Absolutely hate the updated Roses which used to be my favourite! Don’t like the new wrappers or the new fillings - admit it was a ghastly marketing blunder and go back to the yummy lovely old Roses c

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

Latest review: Disgusting flavour and smells like a washing powder.More sugar than cocoa solids,won’t buy ever again.Seriously do not waste your money on this c

Cadbury Milk Tray Boxed

Latest review: I was given a box of my all time favourite chocolates for Christmas, Cadbury Milk Tray. What a disappointment, my favourite ones missing, Coffee Cream & Turkish Delight. The ones I've tried are

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