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Nestle Club

Latest review: When growing up in a small country town my parents owned a mixed business shop and stocked a large range of confectionery including chocolates. I was able to “sample” all of these and my favourites we

Nestle Kit Kat Original

Latest review: Hi i bought one of your chocolate bars when i went to eat it it was just a stick of chocolate i was extremely

Nestle Connoisseur Tub

Latest review: I remember travelling to Woolworths every Friday to do shopping and also to buy my favourite Icecream, Coinnoisseur Green Tea, even though Coles was right next to my house. ( Cause Coles didn’t have t

Nestle Milo

Latest review: Really unhappy. I was raised on Milo and I will never purchase it again. It wouldn't dissolve, it leaves hard chunks in the bottom of the mug, there's just no damn flavour, you may as well have a

Nestle Skinny Cow Multipack

Latest review: I love having one of these at night, I can have one and not feel guilty or like I wasted a good gym trip. Id definatley recommend them to anyone with a sweet

Nestle Allens Fantales

Latest review: So disappointed in Fantales. Used to love the rich chocolate over the hard caramel. Now just a tasteless soft fudge barely covered by cheap chocolate. No flavor, no chewiness. And getting smaller.

Nestle Allens Chicos

Latest review: Killer Pythons- What the hell happened to the size of them :/ you have shrunken them so much Party Mix- You put way too many bananas in them and the teeth are so small now, I used to love your

Nestle Milkybar

Latest review: I have eaten Nestle Milky Bar for 40+ years ! I buy a Bar or two about once every year or so ( so not a massive customer ) I love to make Cookies with it and eat the left overs. Well I have just

Bakers Delight Pane di Casa

Latest review: Although I buy other types of bread from Bakers Delight, their Pane di Casa is the one that I buy the most (apart from their Chia and Fruit Loaf). Pane di Casa isn’t quite up to the standard of a h

Bakers Delight Wholemeal Country Grain

Latest review: Have been buying the Block for the past 4 years twice a week and its' still fresh for sandwiches till the last slice. The best in shop is by far the small boston

Bakers Delight Boston Bun

Latest review: I only buy this sweet treat occasionally but I really look forward to it. Unlike some other Bakers Delight lines, the bun is full of product not air. The icing is scrumptious, while the bun

Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water

Latest review: Panna in Italian means soft as cream. I preferr it chilled as it makes it crisp. At warm room temperature it has furry feel. Easy to swallow and no after taste on the back of the pallet. I especially

Bakers Delight Country Grain Cheese and Herb Scroll

Latest review: overall a delicious cheesy scroll that is perfect for lunch on the run, it is quite fattening so you cant eat it daily but when you are out and about it is great this cheese and herb scroll is so

Bakers Delight Custard Scroll

Latest review: overall a delicious scroll but i have had times where i barely get any custard inside which does annoy me quite a bit because then it is not what i paid for but when it is perfect its heaven, the

Bakers Delight Finger Bun - Cinnamon

Latest review: The cinnamon finger bun is a nice and delicious treat with a coffee in the morning. They are relatively cheap compared to the scrolls. Not as heavy as the buns as they don't contain as much sugar,

Bakers Delight Finger Bun - Coconut

Latest review: I would have finger buns every day if I could I absolutely Love them and couldn't survive without them. My favourite food in the whole wide world. My personal Favourite is the coconut finger buns but

Nestle Allens Snakes Alive

Latest review: these are just yum. fun to eat and great flavours. I grab a bag for the family most weeks and we enjoy them together while we watch a movie on the

Bakers Delight Jam Log

Latest review: overall a delicious treat for anytime of the day but as with everything from bakers delight you have to eat it on the day or will not taste nice the next day at all the jam log is so delicious, it is

Bakers Delight Chia Wholemeal

Latest review: This is not the wholemeal Bakers Delight loaf, but the Chia and Fruit loaf. ..and alternative dessert companion to the Chia Wholemeal bread. Wow, It is like a fruitcake without the spice. It is

Bakers Delight Cape Seed

Latest review: Great bread that flreezes well and thaws out to as good as fresh. Our problem is with the inconsistency of the size and shape of the loaves within and between outlets. There are loaves pushed in on

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