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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Original

Latest review: I agree with the other complaints that Weet bix has become crumbly. They have become less dense & thinner and are impossible to cut now. I’ll try other product to see if b

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Multigrain

Latest review: Love the taste, love the texture, and for a special treat sometimes I add Strawberries or Raspberries and coconut flakes, and /or a little brown or raw

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Vanilla and Almond

Latest review: Just can't seem to find it anymore in any supermarkets I visit. Believe me I have tried lots of places. Last time I saw it was well before

Bakers Delight Pane di Casa

Latest review: Although I buy other types of bread from Bakers Delight, their Pane di Casa is the one that I buy the most (apart from their Chia and Fruit Loaf). Pane di Casa isn’t quite up to the standard of a h

Bakers Delight Wholemeal Country Grain

Latest review: Have been buying the Block for the past 4 years twice a week and its' still fresh for sandwiches till the last slice. The best in shop is by far the small boston

Sanitarium Fibre Life Bran Flakes

Latest review: Please bring back this great product, one of best cereals I have encountered for good bowel health. I work in the Healthcare Industry, and found this product excellent for ageing clients with bowel

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Berry Delicious

Latest review: One of my favourite cereals on the market (I prefer this flavour to the vanilla and almond - which is still good BTW). You can have it with milk, but I love to eat it with greek yoghurt and some

Bakers Delight Boston Bun

Latest review: I only buy this sweet treat occasionally but I really look forward to it. Unlike some other Bakers Delight lines, the bun is full of product not air. The icing is scrumptious, while the bun

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Lite

Latest review: Once you get used to the low salt and sugar, everything else tastes salty. I switched to this for my health's sake and now can't stand vita brits, they taste like sea water. No salt means you don't

Bakers Delight Country Grain Cheese and Herb Scroll

Latest review: overall a delicious cheesy scroll that is perfect for lunch on the run, it is quite fattening so you cant eat it daily but when you are out and about it is great this cheese and herb scroll is so

Bakers Delight Custard Scroll

Latest review: overall a delicious scroll but i have had times where i barely get any custard inside which does annoy me quite a bit because then it is not what i paid for but when it is perfect its heaven, the

Bakers Delight Finger Bun - Cinnamon

Latest review: The cinnamon finger bun is a nice and delicious treat with a coffee in the morning. They are relatively cheap compared to the scrolls. Not as heavy as the buns as they don't contain as much sugar,

Bakers Delight Jam Log

Latest review: overall a delicious treat for anytime of the day but as with everything from bakers delight you have to eat it on the day or will not taste nice the next day at all the jam log is so delicious, it is

Bakers Delight Finger Bun - Coconut

Latest review: I would have finger buns every day if I could I absolutely Love them and couldn't survive without them. My favourite food in the whole wide world. My personal Favourite is the coconut finger buns but

Bakers Delight Chia Wholemeal

Latest review: This is not the wholemeal Bakers Delight loaf, but the Chia and Fruit loaf. ..and alternative dessert companion to the Chia Wholemeal bread. Wow, It is like a fruitcake without the spice. It is

Bakers Delight Cape Seed

Latest review: Great bread that flreezes well and thaws out to as good as fresh. Our problem is with the inconsistency of the size and shape of the loaves within and between outlets. There are loaves pushed in on

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Wild Berry Bites

Latest review: Lovely mini Weetbix full of tasty berries which make them such a delight to eat! Love them!! My favourite cereal!

Bakers Delight Berry and White Choc Scone

Latest review: My family and I really enjoy these scones as a treat on special occasions. They are light and fluffy and full of flavor. The berry and white chocolate combination is brilliant and tasty. I would

Bakers Delight Apple and Walnut Log

Latest review: This is great to buy when you have someone coming over and no time to bake, it tastes like homemade. We had it at a friends' house awhile back and I thought she had made it, she sliced it up and had

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Hi-Bran

Latest review: After cycling through various breakfast cereals I was after one that tasted good and wasn't chock full of sugar. I've gone through Weetbix before but I found they were pretty bland tasting. I saw

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