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Five:am Yoghurt

Latest review: The organic no added sugar yoghurt has 4 ingredients, has great consistency, and would definitely buy again! I eat it with granola and it goes

Nestle Kit Kat Original

Latest review: Hi i bought one of your chocolate bars when i went to eat it it was just a stick of chocolate i was extremely

Ferrero Rocher

Latest review: It happened with Lindor and now with Rocher. Don't know if product is manufactured in the U.S. (like Lindor is now) but the ingredients don't have the same feel and experience on my tongue like it

Saka Water

Latest review: We have been using Saka Water for years now. It’s amazing. We love it as a family. Thank you

Madame Flavour Tea

Latest review: Very weak tea for being in the pyramid "loose leaf" tea bags. Smells wonderfully of chocolate, but you can only taste mint and LIGHT flavor of Rooibos, and no trace of chocolate! Won't be

Pauls Zymil

Latest review: After using low fat zymil in our coffee machine for over two and a half years we notice that it now tastes watery and like soy milk. We spent $300 on a new coffee machine thinking this was the

Chobani Greek

Latest review: The Limited Batch of pineapple lime flavour should stay as a permanent. The two fruits combined are so refreshing. Please consider keeping this as a on going line. As it is so tasty.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Latest review: Probably my favourite ginger beer. Refreshing served over ice especially in this dreadful heat. The perfect amount of ginger to not be overwhelming. The pull tab makes it harder to open, a lid would

Uncle Tobys Vita Brits

Latest review: Best breakfast cereal much better than weat bix has a better taste is really good with vegemite as a snack just the best have eaten it all my life and i am 71 years

Nescafé Café Menu Range

Latest review: I spend a lot of money on Cappuccinos from coffee shops and also drink (and enjoy) normal Nescafe instant coffee so had my hopes up on this one. The Nescafe Cappuccino is seriously unpleasant I

Pascall Clinkers

Latest review: The center taste very artificial all of a sudden - especially the green ones. Considering they only sell 300g for $5 "on sale" these days, I will not be buying them

Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread

Latest review: This is by FAR the best low carb bread on the market. If I didn't know it was low carb, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. How about some pizza

Lipton Green Tea Vanilla

Latest review: This is an amazing cup of tea, the Vanilla green tea is unlike any other, however it becomes hard to find! I wonder why it keeps disappearing? It is the best vanilla green tea ever made! Nothing

Neverfail Spring

Latest review: I’ve had a unit now for 4 months. In this time not one thing has been correctly invoiced. I’ve spent hours on the phone and sending emails (which I never get responses to) trying to get this sorted ou

Liddells Lactose Free Full Cream

Latest review: Hello Liddell, your Low Fat L/Free milk product (100%Aussie) is the best BUT your cartons are the worse to open and pour into a cup etc, I have tried the Coles brand L/free (99% Aussie) is cheaper

Cadbury Black Forest

Latest review: You are on a winner here Cadbury! I get these for Christmas and birthdays because I have made it clear this is my favorite. You are changing alot of your classics trying to reinvent yourself. Keep

Coffee Capsule Delights

Latest review: Only very little water comes out of machine when unused this coffee capsule with my Nespresso machine. Taste is also not very nice and not as creamy! Lor capsules are way better and creamer. Also

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets

Latest review: Used to purchase these fast and easy ways to make breakfast but then realised that there is sugar in all of packaged cereals. Get rolled oats from supermarket and put in fresh fruit with no sugar!

Nexba Natural Cola

Latest review: What an awesome product to bring to the market. Me and my wife are both hooked on it. I prefer the natural cola taste

Moser Roth Chocolate

Latest review: Been eating this for the past 10 years. Simply the best dark chocolate available...and I've tried most. A must have treat everyday...and won't break the bank. Please give it a

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