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Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A

Latest review: Love my Magimix for slicing Love the using the grating function The spiralizer is great for zucchini spaghetti Love making cake ,banana bread Like the hot child mode function Love the fact that

Magimix 4200 XL

Latest review: best machine, so well made, got it from minimax great price and thanks to saleswoman Zena who showed how this baby worked and it's features, she got the black one in, my wife's chose. One thing that

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro BFP800

Latest review: The bowl doesn't live up to the powerful motor base. Bought the processor 3 years ago and only used approximately 15 times in all. The base of the large processing bowl noticed to have a 1cm hairline

Magimix 5200 / 5200 XL

Latest review: Excellent build quality and effortlessly processes lots of foods consistently and quickly. On the counter, the unit stands out a premium piece of kit and as you'd expect is pretty heavy. My only

Magimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL

Latest review: My original Magimix eventually gave its last gasp after over 30 years of use, so with great confidence, I downsized models and replaced it with a new Magimix. I was absolutely thrilled with it for

Breville Mini Wizz BFP100

Latest review: I needed a small processor for those times when I only want to make small quantities or chop a half an onion. First I made a salad dressing which this unit did very fast and very well. Today I

Breville All In One BSB530

Latest review: Too big and bulky to store. When you want to use the chopper to cut up enough stuff for 1 or 2 people it's a chore to get all the parts together and out of the cupboard. Half of the attachments do

Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820

Latest review: Breville have put together a masterpiece here with multiple functions and a very VERY powerful motor. I have used most of the parts for different needs and what I like most is how perfectly the

Breville Kitchen Wizz 8 BFP560SIL

Latest review: This is a replacement for our previous Breville Wizz that lasted for at least 25 years until replacement bowls were no longer available. The new one is a superior design as it is easier to clean and

Breville Kinetix Wizz 8 Plus BFP580

Latest review: Happy with my purchase - as someone who only cooks for the two of us in my household I have found that this does exactly what we need it to with no fuss. Have had a bit of trouble getting the potato

Magimix Le Mini Plus

Latest review: Thought about this purchase long and hard. Had a voucher at TVSN, so I went ahead and bought it. The brand’s reputation made me think it would be better than the cheaper brands, but I have to say I d

Magimix Le Micro

Latest review: This is really good for doing small amounts of stuff, e.g. dicing onions, etc. I think a bamix is better for doing Pesto sauce, pastes, etc. We have had ours for over 5 years and it is still going

Breville the Kitchen Wizz 11 BFP660SIL

Latest review: I have just bought this food processor after tge aldi one, and im quite impressed with the performance. The motor is really strong and i love the variable sized shute which makes sure if u r using a

Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Plus BFP680

Latest review: I bought the Kitchen Wizz 11 PLUS specifically because it comes with a smaller bowl that has it's own blade, which is what I used most of the time to make dips or pulse one vegetable. My favourite