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Latest review: Well, after placing my order almost a month ago, I finally got one item...except it is a stupid short sleeve jumper instead of a dress. Deeply disappointed in the whole process and won;t be buying

  • Product Quality
    4.0 (237)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (67) · No (250)
  • Sizing Very small (2), Slightly small (16), True to size (162), Slightly large (28) and Very large (11)
  • Product Appearance As advertised (201) · Not as advertised (36)
  • Mens / Womens ClothingWomens
  • Labels Sold Variety of Labels
  • Buy Now, Pay Later OptionsAfterPay and ZipPay / ZipMoney


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Latest review: Ordered shoes on Friday and they were not dispatched until Thursday evening will receive shoes Monday AFTER my son’s wedding!, called 3 times but no sense of urgency or help. I called before I placed

  • Product Quality
    3.5 (46)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (19) · No (35)
  • Sizing Slightly small (4), True to size (39) and Slightly large (1)
  • Product Appearance As advertised (44) · Not as advertised (6)
  • Labels Sold Variety of Labels
  • Buy Now, Pay Later OptionsAfterPay
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Latest review: Purchase products online from this store but nothing is listed on order list nor tracking number given. Looks like fraud. Worried. Hope my parcel come. Contacted Facebook customer service for katies

  • Product Quality
    3.8 (433)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (88) · No (407)
  • Sizing Very small (2), Slightly small (21), True to size (250), Slightly large (41) and Very large (21)
  • Product Appearance As advertised (297) · Not as advertised (52)
  • Mens / Womens ClothingWomens
  • Labels Sold Own Label
  • Buy Now, Pay Later OptionsAfterPay
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Latest review: I saw a bag I liked online, I wanted to see it in person so went to my local store and purchased. Did not realise that I was charged a different price. When I contacted customer service, they agreed

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Latest review: I have bought many pairs of Zierra shoes over the years as I have very problematic feet. I accepted that I would have to pay a lot of money due to my feet issues. The soles have broken down on many

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Latest review: Ordered 3 retro/1950 style dresses Picture showed nice waisted dress with belt. Length of dress below knee Waistline came just under bust, could use belt. Length 100ml above knee. Awful fit. Don't

Jo Mercer

Jo Mercer

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3.0 from 167 reviews

Latest review: Can’t change order before it leaves. Need to wait for receipt than request returns label. Issues with web providing that. No phone contact. Delay after delay. Take your money and forget about you. S

3.1 from 77 reviews

Latest review: Bought several items on part payment! One part they could not take off due to technical issues with paypal! instead to try again they sent a warning making me feel like i was a criminal, not wanting

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Latest review: So disappointed, I was supposed to receive my order on the 26th of October, tracked my order it's in Melbourne in transit since the 23rd of October. So yesterday I contacted Next's customer service.

Gingham & Heels

Gingham & Heels

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Latest review: I wanted a nice dress to wear for our family photos and come across Gingham & Heels online store. I noticed that this store was more in the higher price range, so I thought that they would have good

Mortels Sheepskin Factory

Mortels Sheepskin Factory

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Latest review: After 1 month my son found mould on inner sole. Took back. Staff pulled out inner sole. Mould gone right through. Left with them. Now told his fault & all I can do is buy new inner soles to put in.

Steel Blue
2.6 from 182 reviews

Latest review: 312658 work boot nice design toes got no room to move also arch to high hurts so much got blisters under me feet worn these a few week. Would i buy again answer no wouldnt think twice boots these

2.7 from 113 reviews

Latest review: Went to my local Connor store and purchased a pair of jeans and a pair of trousers. They needed to be altered so they pinned them to the correct length in store and told me they’d be ready to pick up



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Latest review: I purchased items two weeks ago. The sales consultant knowing I keen to buy was extremely helpful, bubbly and made sure I got everything I needed. The pants I wore that day and the next time I wore

4.2 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Ordered online and was shipped after a couple of days and after it was shipped I received it the next day. I followed the stores sizing guide and it fits perfectly. No problems, I am likely to shop

3.6 from 20 reviews

Latest review: I bought two pairs, one of each style, both with the cork sole. They are good quality, look lovely and feel comfortable, even walking a couple of km. I usually really struggle walking long distance



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Latest review: I received one pair of denim shorts size 12 which is my size for all shorts across the board, they were insanely tight so I bought another pair of denim shorts a size 14 and again they were so tight.

Luxette Boutique
3.0 from 32 reviews

Latest review: Not satisfied with anything. Not the product service or quality. I’ll never shop here again and encourage you not t

2.6 from 92 reviews

Latest review: Have used Oxford many times lately , lovely patterns on shirts , excellent and fast return service too ! I go up a size for shirts and perfect ! I am short so length is perfect for me

4.0 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Carly at Workwear hub was a great help in doing an exchange on Puma safety shoes that i ordered in too big of a size,Cant praise the Company enough for great

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